A look at
Minonk's past

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Maple Grove Grade School 1933

The Maple Grove School, a country school, was located three miles south of Minonk on Route 51 and 4 miles east.

The students who attended Maple Grove School in 1933 are pictured here: Dale Lutjens, LeRoy Eigsti, Johnny Rademacher, Mabel (Fortman) Harms, Sylvia Gehrig, teacher, Loretta Folkers, Viola Lutjens, Luella (Eden) Renken, Lorabelle (Grieser) Ingold (back row, left to right), Vernon Eden, Harmina (Rademacher) Simutis, Norma (Letsinger) Haas, Delores Spires, Merna (Yordy) Holloway, Verna (Yordy) Long, Darlene (Fisher) Harms, Alice (Rients) Lutjens, Sylvia (Carls) Bashore, Edith (Fischer) Hartzler (second row, left to right), Vernell Block, Orville Eden, Orville Rients, Wayne Kettwich, Johnny Folkers, Merlyn Lutjens and Weldon Janssen (front row, left to right).