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Emails for October 2005
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Hurricane story about rural Minonk resident's brother | Woodford County is now part of Freecycle | Births web page error discovery | Visitors in town | Minonk family moving to Arizona | Additional soccer scores | Community soccer team in 1st place | CAC to hold extra meeting on Oct. 26th | Wants to trade papers | Information about canine influenza | Complexing thoughts on blogs | Hurricane scams | Next CAC Meeting October 12th |

Hurricane story about rural Minonk resident's brother

I believe some will find this story of the hurricane affecting my brother in Shepherd Texas interesting. Al Devine is a self employed fishing guide. He learned years ago that the big fish swim upriver and stay by the dam. The DNR will not allow fishing boats to get near the dam and have marked the area below the dam with a cable so that no one may cross. Al built an aluminum pontoon boat with a casting platform. He also constructed extra long fishing poles from really big salt water tackle. He can cast the length of 2 football fields enabling him to place the bait just below the dam. His fishing parties routinely catch big stripers, alligator gar, and catfish. One of his guests has caught the lake record alligator gar just under 300lb. The boat Al built stays anchored just below the Lake Livingston dam or at least it did until the hurricane. The water from the lake blew against the dam with such force that authorities ordered the flood gates opened wide because they were worried the earthen dam would wash out. My brother's boat was washed away. He found it recently by flying with a friend that is a private pilot. His boat is in good shape but over 100 miles down stream in a shallow sand bar filled region. I am not sure he well be able to retrieve it.>

Jack Daniel Devine

Births web page error discovery

It would appear that the birth page problem is specifically an "Internet Explorer" problem.
I use NetZero, and have called them. They said the problem was with the page itself.
I then tried to access the birth page from IVCC, same error message displays, and they have their internet provided through sattelite dish.
I discovered that this problem occurs with Internet Explorer, but does not occur with Mozilla Firefox....
I have been using Mozilla and do not have a problem viewing the page. Your readers need to know this. I know several people last spring wrote in to the email section talking about how much safer Mozilla is to surf the web. I had already been using it before then (thanks to the Willis'!) and am impressed with the results. Since using Mozilla, my Spysweeper rarely finds spyware or adware on my computer! Feel free to use this email on the site so others know--perhaps re-printing the archived emails would help too.
Attached is the error code when using Internet Explorer.
"Problems with this web page might prevent it from being displayed properly or functioning properly. In the future, you can display this message by double clicking the warning icon displayed in the status bar.
Line: 435
Char: 1
Error: Syntax error
Code: 0
URL: /births.aspx "
Hope this will help!
Chris Jenkins

Editor's note: Thanks to Chris's letter I found that the bug did indeed exist only with Internet Explorer. Further investigation revealed that there was a javascript coding bug which I corrected. The Mozilla browser obviously was more forgiving and ignored the coding error. Nevertheless, the problem has been fixed and I agree with Chris in that everyone should use the Mozilla browser as it is more secure and less buggy than Internet Explorer. The Mozilla browser can be downloaded from the following web site. Thanks for the help, Chris.

Minonk family moving to Arizona

I would like to let everyone know ,that Gloria and Daniel Cosby are moving to Bullhead City AZ. Gloria has sold her home after many years. She worked at many places in Minonk last working at Casey's. Daniel has worked at SMF and his last day will be Oct. 28,2005.

They will being flying out of Peoria Airport on November 4th and her son Bill and his wife Crystal will leave early that night and will be driving their belongings to AZ. for them.

They will be missed by their family they are leaving behind, but are going to be closer to her daughter and sister Sue Cordray. We wish them all the happiness in the world! Good Luck and God bless them.

Love her family...The Cosby's

Community soccer team in 1st place


I was wanting to let the community know how well the 7th - 8th grade soccer players have been doing thus far this season. As part of the El Paso Recreational Traveling team, participating in the ICSL (Inter Community Soccer League); Brianna Palmore, Brittney Coons, Dylan Palmore, and Dylan Zimmerman, along with their teammates from El Paso-Gridley, and Evan Armagast from Flanagan have a record of 5 wins 0 losses and 1 Tie.

Having defeated Northern Tazewell, East Peoria, Olympia, Washington East, Washington West, with the tie being with Morton. The El Paso-Gridley-Minonk-Flanagan players are currently in 1st place going into next week's end of the season game with Germantown #1 Saturday Oct. 22nd.

The ICSL league tournament will take place the week of Oct. 24th at East Peoria Eastside center. The players are looking forward to having the same success as two years ago when they came from behind to win the league championship.

If anyone is interested in any information for the league, the web-site home page is

Organization for a High School Soccer Program is currently in the works. If you are interested in helping, please contact Mike Zimmerman. The kids have the ability to compete at the next level, they just need the opportunity.

Mike Zimmerman
(Work) 309-527-1515

Wants to trade papers

I subscribe to both the Bloomington Pantagraph and the Peoria Journal Star.
I would be interested in trading those with someone in Minonk who subscribes to the Wall Street Journal.

Madelon Young 309-432-2825

Complexing thoughts on blogs

Autumn is a time for TRUTH, and I suppose DEATH too. My Fuji apples are ready for harvest and the grape arbor's leaves are turning brown and it is probably ready for it's annual curtailment which reminds me about a growing political movement . This article came about as a result of looking at BLOG sites. Some one else coined the word SPINSANITY or letting the BLAME GAME begin. The following ambiguous words came from culling through political tales and their BLOGS. As I read through many OFFICIAL sites I was ambivalent about any VIRULENT THINKTANKERS along with INSIDER HACKS whose steadfast and disturbing discernment of JUDICAL PHILOSOPHY and GOVERNMENTAL POLICY involving prep aridness and PANDEMIC CREDABILITY plus the assuaging of MISGUIDED citizens and wannabe's whose policy includes SCENERIOS on a consumption tax. There are both LEFT and RIGHT Wing militants plus BIPOLAR Evangelists whose steadfast gullification includes FUZZY MATH exit strategy and an ascription to a HIGHER PURPOSE of our topsy turvy dislike of RPG's that vilify our TACTICAL BLUNDERS! And that's a WRAP! Oops, I forgot the FEMA foolduggery "floodgate".

PS, my embedded source was my large dictionary, identical to the one used by all the White House personnel.

Albie Johnson

Next CAC Meeting October 12th

The next CAC meeting will be Wednesday October 12th at 7:30 p.m in room 207 at the Fieldcrest High School.

Garilyn Wells

Woodford County is now part of Freecycle

Hello Dave

I want to bring to your attention the new group that's sweeping the world.

Freecycle is a non-profit group that allows people from all over the world to post their unwanted items on the Freecycle site and give them to someone who could make use of them rather than have them taken to the landfills.

The great thing about Freecycle is that almost EVERY County/City/Town across the world has it's own exclusive club, so you dont have to worry about getting that unwanted piano to London.

The reason I'm writing to you today is to announce that Woodford County is now part of the Freecycle organization. Anyone can join by going to
It's a great way to rid yourself of your unwanted items and meet new people who live in the same county.

I know you have readers from across the world too, so for those of you who do not live in Woodford County, you can visit for a group in your area.

I hope you let all your readers know about Freecycle, and I hope to see them all there soon.

Woodford County Freecycle Moderator.

Visitors in town

Matt, Mary and Katie Cornell of Amherst, MA, visited Madelon Young and friends in Minonk last week. They left Wednesday for Chicago to see Dave Cornell and Mary's brother and Ann Pfister, formerly of El Paso.

Additional soccer scores


As a side note to Mike Zimmerman's soccer team scores, the El Paso 12 and under soccer team is in second place in their league, with 4 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss. Patrick Luckey from Minonk has played for this team for two of his four years in soccer. We sure hope to play high school soccer someday!

Tracy Luckey
(Proud Mom)

CAC to hold extra meeting on Oct. 26th

The CAC will be having an extra meeting this month. It is scheduled for Oct. 26th at 7:30 p.m. in Room 207 at the High School. We will be discussing possible new directions for the CAC during the coming year.

Click here for the current members names and numbers.

Garilyn Wells

Information about canine influenza

URBANA -- The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine has established a Web page with information about canine influenza, which has spread to pet dogs in 10 states after first being diagnosed in January 2004 at a Florida greyhound track.

No cases in Illinois have been reported. The U of I site is at

The flu strain is a mutation of an equine influenza virus and is not known to infect humans or poultry. The dog virus is highly contagious, can last for several weeks and potentially be fatal without treatment. Symptoms are similar to kennel cough, including sneezing, coughing and fever.

Anyone who suspects a pet dog may have contracted the canine flu should consult a veterinarian. Treatment has been successful in about 95 percent of known cases.

C. Jenkins

Hurricane scams

Hi Dave;
We have over 100 Hurricane victims living in the closest town here in Kentucky. I think most will go back, but some got jobs and places to live and like it here and decided to stay. Here is how our tax money is spent. Dave tattoo's at a shop in Tn. and two men came in from New Orleans last week and got tattoos! Its his job and he gave them one, but he said that is just not right and it did not sit well with me. In Ky. the red Cross investigated and found the debit cards were used at places like Victoria's secret's and Hooter's etc. It does not take long for the scams to set in does it?

Wanda Patterson