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Emails for May 2010
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Petri Brothers Honored

My mother is special - I've always know that! She took an idea my Uncle Pete gave her and ran with it. Now, her brothers and my uncles have received the recognition that all veterans deserve. I'm very proud of all my uncles and thank them for their service so we can live free!

Sarah Ford Hakes

Thanks from the Petri Family

With grateful appreciation we wish to thank: Dr. Peter B. Riesz (the seed); the Minonk City Council and workers; the Minonk American Legion Post 142 and Color Honor Guard; American Legion District Vice Commander ( Mr. Matheny); the buglers; all of those involved for the Jeep W.W. II Float and United We Stand float; Patriot Guard Bike Riders, Bloomington Post 42, with special Flags; those who helped erect the signs; Peoria Journal Star for their write up and pictures; Woodford County Journal for their write up and pictures, the Pantagraph for their write up; Dave Uphoff (MinonkTalk) for his write up and pictures; Bob Hunt of E. Peoria for pictures and articles about the Japanese surrender; and to those of you who had us in your thoughts and to those for just being there for the program. It was a very humbling and much more than expected experience.

Also, to Rex and Ritchie Petri for their "special memento" to family members and others; to Nick and Kathy Petri for a place for family members to gather after the program. And to God for the beautiful weather we had that day. And to anyone who contributed to the program.

It warmed our hearts and will never be forgotten. God Bless all of you! Let us remember ALL of our veterans!!

The Petri Family

Looking for Mary Rooker Plunkett

The class of 1950 from Minonk Community High School is planning a 60th Reunion for August 7th, 2010 at Mona's in Toluca.

Are still trying to locate Mary Rooker Plunkett. Would appreciate any information about her & an address if possible.

Please contact: John Luedtke at or Darlene Budde at

John Luedtke

Petri Brothers

What a great idea to recognize the Petri Brothers for their willingness to serve the USA at a time when the future of many countries in Europe and areas of the South Pacific who were in great danger of being overrun by Hitler and his allies. Almost every young man during the 1940's and able, found themselves looking forward to some form of service that could endanger their lives . Minonk had many older brothers and a few sisters who answered their countries bidding and put their lives on the line for our freedom and ability to live in a free environment doing what best suits "OUR" whims.

Thank you Petri Brothers for your service as well as all the other Minonk young men who also served, and permitted me to enjoy a free and safe environment.

Albin Johnson


On Monday the school had it's Field Day at the West Side Park. My husband went out to move our jeep so that I could see all the way to the corner. Apparently the Chief of Police seen him moving it and came up and asked if he needed to get me out as our street was closed off. Scott told him no. He said if he needed to get me out to call and he'd be right over. I want to thank him for that. It meant so much to know that someone cared. Thank You!!!!!

Karen Brewer

It Happens Again


First of all I would like to thank the friends of ours that came to make Addy's Eighth grade graduation celebration a memorable moment. On that note I must add that while we were celebrating an achievement she worked so hard for; something had to go wrong. While we were at the West Side Park enjoying the day in the pavilion you worked hard for; an individual and or few walked into my house and stole her X-Box.
I cannot imagine the arrogance of walking into someonelse's house in the middle of the afternoon and actually pulling a stunt like this. Not to mention we were right across the street!
For those who were involved I am sure you will not read this but maybe someone with some morals will step up and make things right. If not an X-Box can be replaced. Respect now that is earned.

Becky Quick

Preschool Screenings and signups

I was wanting to know if I somehow missed the preschool screenings and signups? If anyone knows when the screenings are and where, I would appreciate the information. I've been checking the site for sign ups and haven't seen anything, although I have only been checking for the past few weeks. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

Kristy Rients

Petri Bros Honored

May 1st,2010: The Minonk American Legion honored the 7 Petri Brothers, for serving during WW2. Aunt Mary (sister of the Petri boys) was determined and gave loyalty to her brothers for this event to happen. So a BIG THANK YOU to the 7 brothers, Aunt Mary, Pete, the American Legion and the many other's who put their time in for this special honor. THANK YOU TO ALL VETERANS.

Joan Weter, daughter of Eugene Petri