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Emails for April 2017

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Fire Hydrant Flushing | Dana Alumni Banquet | Old High School Yearbooks Available | Freddie Baker passed away | Hope Yunker Fund Raiser | police report | Card shower for Bill Herman Sr. | Alderman Update. | Celebration of Life in Honor of Mae Copp. | Post Prom 2017 | police car washing | Committed City Council Candidate | Garage Sale Reminder | Update on Grocery Store |

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Fire Hydrant Flushing

The Minonk Public Works Department will be flushing fire hydrants the week of May 1st. Residents may experience temporary loss of water pressure, and discolored water.

Cary Naas

Old High School Yearbooks Available

I have MDR yearbooks from the 1940's up to the 1990's which are available to anyone who wants them. Also, high school scrapbooks are available. Please contact me if you are interested at or 309-432-3518.

Dave Uphoff

Hope Yunker Fund Raiser

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to remind everyone that the fund raiser for Hope Yunker will be this evening at the Rutland Legion.


kathy Bumgarner

Card shower for Bill Herman Sr.

Bill Herman Sr. will be celebrating his 96th birthday on Sunday April 23rd. A surprise card shower is planned for him. Please send cards to " William Herman 555 E Clay Street El Paso, Illinois 61738".

Betty Barth

Celebration of Life in Honor of Mae Copp.

I would like to invite friends of Mae Copp to Cams Scottish Pub South.( South end of Minonk , formerly Schmoes ) for a celebration of life party. It will be held on Saturday,April 22nd at 2:00PM. Please stop by and say hello and have a refreshment.

Pat Copp

police car washing

I noticed that the city was going to pay to have the police car wash. I ask why when there are people in town who need community hours and would gladly do it. It is really hard in a small town to get community hours because there is no direction as to where or how to get them. So when they need a police car washed why don't they ask someone who needs community hours to come and do it and save our tax payers money for something else

teresa cirks

Josh Jones: Minonk Car wash could donate some free washes.

Cindy Ketchmark Meyer: Yes, they already do.

Tina Dunning: Great idea!

Michael Cave: Woodford county jail has the trustees do it too

Russell Ruestman: For clarity the bill discussed at the meeting was not for car washes, as the Minonk Car Wash donates 100's of dollars of car washes for the police department each month/year. The bill that was presented was for car wash soap and that bill was not paid. The details appear to of got lost in translation. Either way the writer brings up a great point, when somebody wants to donate their time it would be nice that the city take advantage of that opportunity.

Garage Sale Reminder

Just a reminder that the Town Wide Garage Sale is Saturday, April 29 from 8 am to 2 pm. If you want to participate please print out the attachment or pick up a form from Grosenbach's Grocery, Minonk Community Bank or Pop's Sweet Shop. Please return the form to me at 626 Locust Street or in the boxes at the various locations. The deadline for filing out the form is Monday, April 24th. After that time I will be emailing everyone a copy of the map of the sales and posting a copy on

The sales are advertised in the following papers: The Woodford County Journal, and the Woodford Star; Streator Times Press; Toluca Star Herald; and the El Paso Journal. Each and every ad has a date/time of the sale and that the sales will be posted on this website for everyone to see.


Cathy McKay

Dana Alumni Banquet

The Dana Alumni Banquet is May 27 at Capponi's in Toluca. Cocktail hour 5:30, dinner 6:30. Invitations have been sent. If you do not receive one and wish to attend, please contact Carmon Paris at, or 815-744-2160.

Carmon Paris

Freddie Baker passed away

This is Dennis using Dad's contacts list; we thought he would want you all to know. Dad passed away Sunday morning very peacefully with all of us there. We don't have full details on the services yet, but we are planning on a visitation at Ruestman-Harris in Minonk on Tuesday evening, 25 Apr, from 5 to 7. There will be a service at St Pauls on Wednesday at 11:00 with a short visitation beginning at 10:00. Following a burial service at the Minonk Cemetery there will be a meal at St Pauls.


Dennis Baker

Click here for Facebook comments on Freddie's passing.

police report

I found it interesting that it was stated that the police have information on the individual that has been stealing the items in Minonk but no one has ever contacted my daughter to let her know that they do have information on the person that took her generator out of her garage. I am also a little concerned over the comment that they are helping the individuals that need help finding community service hours. I have a granddaughter living with me whose has found her own service hours with no help from the police department nor the probation office. IT seems like these individuals would like the public to think that they are doing there job when in reality they are just running their mouth.

teresa cirks

Alderman Update.

Alderman Nick Caverra and I ran into one another? at Casey's a while back. Sadly, he was quite angry with me and what I wrote in MinonkTalk. He told me to be a man and I should have come to him personally. I don't know what that would have accomplished, plus I used to come to him years ago about problems and he would belittle and make fun of me anyway.
The interesting part of the conversation was, he never disagreed with anything I wrote.
The buzz around town is everyone seems to like Chief Wherry or make the comment that they haven't met him yet.
That's nice. But unfortunately there are a few people that don't want to renew his contract next month. Their personal agenda's have no business tampering with what is working in Minonk.
Just food for thought.

Scott Sharp

Post Prom 2017


The annual Post-Prom event for Fieldcrest High School will held on April 29th/30th at the high school in Minonk. Post Prom follows the Jr./Sr. Prom, which will be held in Bloomington.

This event would not be possible without the support of donations from businesses in our communities and parent donations. This is a very worthwhile project and it takes many people to put it together. If you or your business donated, Thank You!!!

If you would like to make a donation to the 2017 Post Prom, please mail your individual or business donation to:

FHS Post Prom
1 Dornbush Dr.
Minonk, IL 61760
Attn: Post Prom

Post-Prom is a student event that will be held after the Junior-Senior prom so that students have a place to go and continue the fun. The event is planned by the Post-Prom committee and chaperoned and supported by many parents. All students and their dates must have signed permission to attend, and may come even if they do not go to prom.

This year Post-Prom will be held from 12:00 a.m. to 3 a.m. in the gym on April 29-30th. Activities will include a DJ, bags tournament, bull riding, inflatables, photo booth, henna tattoo artist and many other fun activities. Lots of cash will be won, along with big prizes of a Smart TV's , Go-Pro Camera, Wireless headphones and many other big prizes.

Pizza, chips, cookies, water, and pop are available for everyone. Everyone is eligible for the door prizes, which have been donated by area businesses and community members.

The Post-Prom committee hosts several fundraisers in order to fund the event. This year included the evening pick 3 lottery contest, pork chop stand at the football game, Knight yard sign sales.

We are looking forward to a great "Knight" at this year's post prom event!

Missie Klendworth

Committed City Council Candidate

Many Minonk residents have approached me to run for city council. I have been canvassing Ward 3 delivering letters introducing myself and discussing concerns and ideas for the future. Integrity, honesty, and hard work are values that my family always instilled in me and if elected I will serve the City of Minonk with these same values. Even though I am a candidate for Ward 3, I will be attentive to the needs of the entire community. Being a resident of Minonk for over 40 years, I would appreciate consideration for your vote on April 4th.

Thank you!!
Lisa K. (Hartzler) Junker

Lisa Junker

Update on Grocery Store

Hi Dave-
I wanted to send you an update on the grocery store. We have had many inquiries about the store over these past few weeks and I want to assure the folks in town and surrounding area that we are NOT closing. We have endured some critical changes from our supplier and we have had some major mechanical issues with some of our cooler and compressor units during the slowest time of year, and for a young grocery store like ours, that will take some time to get over.

We are very close to getting the grocery aisles filled back up and we will continue to keep our meat and produce full, fresh, and at a great price! I understand and appreciate the concern from our great community about our little store and I give you my word, we are not going anywhere! I am so very proud of the team at the store, we have the best team around! We look forward to seeing everyone shopping with us at Grosenbach's Grocery!

We encourage everyone to come on out for our cookouts on Saturdays from 11-2! Buy some gift cards for friends and family, and take advantage of those meat bundles that have some great savings! Be on the lookout for our Easter AD coming soon! Thanks again to all of our great customers and have a great weekend!

Corey Grosenbach

Jack Jochums: Thanks for update. The Business Association thanks you for bringing a grocery store to our to our community. You stepped forward to provide a grocery store for us. As you restock we encourage the citizens of Minonk and surrounding communities to support Grosenbachs.

Dedra Masters: I love your store and totally understand! You are doing great, keep up the great work!

Charlie Cosby: 100% behind you buddy! We've all had rough times! Way to hang tough!

Kitty Anderson: glad to hear,we live in washburn,but have no store there so its very handy for us to just run to minonk sometimes,keep up the good work

Sonja Frei: We sooooo need and appreciate you Corey Grosenbach! Please everyone support Grosenbach's! :)

Becky Peiffer: Love having the store here!

Jan Sweet Hovey: Thanks for the update!

Elaine Stephens: Glad to hear. Love having a store in town.

Pam Jolly: Great to hear!

Leanna Link: So happy to hear this!!! You guys are awesome!!!

Terri Allen: Great news. You've done a good job. Great to have a store here.

Michael Cave: I figured you were having supplier problems. Amazing how quick things can get turned on a head. Good luck !

Jessica Breyne: Love your store and your employees! It's so nice having you in our little town!

Janice Weber Love having the store in town! Keep up the good work!

Leanna Link So happy to hear this!!! You guys are awesome!!!

Shirley Decker So happy to hear the update - so great having a grocery in town!