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Emails for March 2014
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Thanks for removing stop sign | Fieldcrest School District and General State Aid | Volunteers needed to assist FHS Marching Knights | Minonk Cub Scouts are now on the web. | Town-wide garage sale set for April 26th | FHS Marching Knights Cheesecake Fundraiser | Found Keys | City Wide | Field Maintenance Bids 2014 | Baseball & Softball Sign Up (ends March 7th) | Amen | Pinsetters? | Collecting newspapers | Guest speaker at Filger Library March 6 | Candidate for Woodford County Board | Deny the Wenona TIF. |

Thanks for removing stop sign

Would like to thank the city for removing stop sign's on Moran st. one half block west of Maple. They have been a pain in the break pedal for years, thanks.

Fred Baker

Volunteers needed to assist FHS Marching Knights

WANTED: Volunteers to assist the FHS Marching Knights. April 24th at 6PM will be the Band Boosters Meeting to come to! Election of Officers will be happening. WE NEED YOU!!! Parents of all band members are welcome to come and toss their name in the hat. Incoming Freshmen-we really encourage you and your parents to attend this meeting. This is where we begin to plan the direction the boosters will go for the following year and we need input and help.

WE also NEED VOLUNTEERS for things like CAR WASHES, FOOD PREP, WATER BOTTLE COLLECTION, UNIFORM MAINTENANCE, EQUIPMENT SET UP and TEAR DOWN...there is a job for don't have to sign your life away, just a few hours here and there make all the difference!! WE NEED TO SEE SOME NEW FACES to make this group a success for the next and upcoming years!!!!

Christy Kline

Town-wide garage sale set for April 26th

A town-wide garage sale is being planned for Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. What better way to clean out those closets, attics, basements, or that spare room.

If anyone is interested in participating in the Town Wide Garage Sale sign up forms are available at IGA, Minonk Community Bank or download the form from

To have your sale advertised in the map you must fill out the form with the $4 for advertising, etc and return both to Cathy McKay, 626 Locust, Minonk no later than Monday, April 21st.

The final garage sale map will be available at; at IGA, Minonk Community Bank, and garage sale participants.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact Cathy McKay.

Cathy McKay

Found Keys


We recently had 2 sets of keys turned into the Police Department. 1 set has 4 keys and a coin, the other set has 3 keys and a plastic tag. If anyone has lost keys, they can call the Police Department 309-432-2341 or stop in and identify them.
Nick Cavera
Minonk PD

Nick Cavera

Field Maintenance Bids 2014

Field Maintenance information for 2014. Interested parties should return the completed bid form to Minonk City Hall by 5 PM April 4. Bids will be reviewed and awarded during the April Rec Board meeting on April 13. Use the following link for all the info and to download the form.

Minonk Park & Rec


AMEN, my friend. I too remember the Land of Lincoln as you described. What a terrible waste of nature, all for a few more bushels of corn.
Keep up the good work. You are appreciated by the many of us Minonkites no longer living there.

Jon R Johnson

Collecting newspapers

Any organization collecting newspapers contact Frank/Marlene Zmia at 309 432 2697.


Candidate for Woodford County Board

Dave, Thank you for letting me introduce myself as a candidate for Woodford County Board on your website. Click here to learn more about my qualifications for serving on the Woodford County Board.

Duane Kingdon

Fieldcrest School District and General State Aid

March 19, 2014

Dear parents and community members:

I am writing this open letter to the Fieldcrest community to urge you to write to or call your state legislators regarding the budget being proposed in Springfield for the upcoming fiscal year. As the proposal stands, your local schools would be hit hard. State Superintendent Chris Koch has stated that the state needs to provide nearly $900,000,000 in additional funds just to keep up with general state aid needs, yet the legislature plans to cut nearly $1 billion. Mr. Koch has stated that this cut by the legislature would be devastating to many school districts in the state, many of whom are hanging on by the fingernails now.

The Fieldcrest school district has been in deep structural deficit spending the last three school years. When the current school year ends, the district will have exhausted most of its available reserves. The district has been making strides this year to address the budget deficit through staff and other cuts, as well as the beginning of receipt of funds from the wind farm on the south side of the school district for the upcoming fiscal year. The wind farm should bring in close to $1 million in tax dollars in the first year, although the state aid formula would strip away about half of that the second year and beyond.

The good news is that the district believes that, if the fiscal approach previously adopted by the state were maintained, the district could be in the black next school year, although work still would have to be done in future years to fully stabilize the budget. That good news is offset by the bad news of the legislature's plan to eliminate the additional $1 billion from the education budget next school year. If that plan holds, it could cost the Fieldcrest school district upwards of an additional $500,000 in state aid. Such a loss would mean that the district would have to find significant new revenues or make significant cuts to make in future years in order to maintain a viable budget, both of which would be very difficult for the district and community.

I encourage you to write your state legislators and urge them to not only forego this push to strip Illinois' school districts of additional vital funds, but also to restore what has been taken from school districts in past years.

Your support in this matter on behalf of the students of the district is greatly appreciated.

Dan Oakley, Superintendent


Minonk Cub Scouts are now on the web.

The Minonk Cub Scout Pack 3878 is now on web. We have created a new website that will have all of our current and future information on it along with pictures of events that the scouts have participated in. Please feel free to visit us at and let us know if there is something that you would like to see on our site.

Eric Clevenger

FHS Marching Knights Cheesecake Fundraiser

The FHS Marching Knights began their Annual Cheesecake Fundraiser today, March 14. Orders will be taken until April 1st. All orders must be paid for when placed with checks being made out to the FHS Band Boosters. Delivery will be on April 10th.

Types of cheesecake include: Traditional @ $14.50, Chocolate Chip @ $14.50, Cookies and Creme (Oreo) @ $15.50, Key LIme @ $15.50, Turtle @ $15.50, Strawberry @ $15.50, Raspberry @ $15.50 and Variety @ 21.00.

There are Marching Knights in each town of Fieldcrest Country. Please call Christy Kline @ 815.854.2640 or Angela Lipinski @ 815.993.5940 to be directed to one.

Also, the Marching Knights are currently selling Fieldcrest Sports Bottles for $5.00 each

Christy Kline

City Wide

When is the City Wide garage sale?


Baseball & Softball Sign Up (ends March 7th)

2014 Rec Baseball & Softball sign up is now open and deadline IS MARCH 7th. Go to the following link to download the forms.

Any questions you can contact: Rich Luckey 309-432-2978 or email

Minonk Park & Recreation

Minonk Park & Recreation


We were discussing the fact that my Grandpa, Cliff Kalkwarf, owed the bowling alley in Minonk years ago. Any idea if any of the pinsetters are still alive?
Myrna Turner Havener Kettwich
Editor's reply: I do know that Herc Paloumpis, who now lives in Normal, was in the bowling alley the day Cliff Kalkwarf suffered a fatal heart attack there in 1943. I am pretty sure that Herc was also a pin setter.


Guest speaker at Filger Library March 6


We will be having a guest speaker at the library on Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 6pm. Her name is Judith Valente. She is an author, journalist and poet. Judith will be speaking on "How to live a more contemplative life".
She will have the books she has written available for purchase and she will sign them for the patrons, as well.

Susan Ryan

Deny the Wenona TIF.

Dave, I totally agree with you. The Fieldcrest Board of Education should deny the Wenona TIF request.

Jack Marcoline