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Emails for March 2011
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Fieldcrest Band Boosters Meeting April 7 | Thank You | Thanks for Cards and Letters | Minonk Town-Wide Garage Sale | Memory Pillows | 50th Anniversary Card Shower | FHS Presents West Side Story | 2nd Grade Photo | Business to Add | Early Wishes | Pizza Hut St. Jude Fundraiser Cancelled | Happy 90th Birthday | Dana Fire says Thank you | Mr. Oldenburg | Happy | Memories of Mr. Oldenburg | Memories of Mr. Oldenburg | Happy Birthday, Mr. Oldenburg | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ART !!! | Memories of Art Oldenburg | Art Oldenburg to Celebrate 90th Birthday |

Fieldcrest Band Boosters Meeting April 7

There will be a meeting of the Fieldcrest Band Boosters on April 7th at 7 PM in the HS band room. All are welcome! If you have a child in the band within Fieldcrest or are a community member interested in helping, please join us!

Christy Kline


Thanks for Cards and Letters

I wish to thank everyone who remembered me with cards and letters on my 90th birthday. Your thoughts were very much appreciated.

Art Oldenburg

Memory Pillows

Get your FIELDCREST MEMORY PILLOW today! Memory Pillows are being made from the old Marching Knights Band Uniforms. Limited Supply! All money raised from the sale of the pillows goes to help the Fieldcrest Band. $25.00 donation per pillow. Contact Christy Kline @ 815-854-2640 or Once the old uniforms are gone, the pillows are gone so get your pillow while you can!!!

Christy Kline

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FHS Presents West Side Story

West Side Story will be performed at Fieldcrest High School, on Friday, March 18th at 7:00pm, Saturday, March 19th at 7:00pm, and Sunday, March 20st at 2:00pm and 6:00pm.

All tickets are $5 and will be available at the door. For more information call FHS at 309-432-2529 and ask for Jessica Stremlau, Director.

Drama Department

Pizza Hut St. Jude Fundraiser Cancelled

The Wenona Pizza Hut has informed us, that due to the permanent closing of their facility (effective Monday, March 14th), the Minonk to Peoria St. Jude fundraiser is being cancelled. The fundraiser was supposed to be on Saturday, March 12th at Pizza Hut.

Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Runners

Christine Cunningham

Dana Fire says Thank you

A quick note to thank the community for the great turnout at our 44th annual pancake and sausage breakfast. We served in excess of 1000 people and raised a nice sum of money for our efforts! We also had a lot of interest in our new Liberty Rescue Tube {a devise used to rescue victims caught in flowing grain} . We are still accepting donations to help pay for this expensive, but much needed device. We received a lot of compliments both on the meal and the many recent improvements to our station, all of which we are proud of.

I would also like to congratulate our winners from the drawings

Steve Milashoski ElPaso 50/50 winner $705
Doug Freeman Minonk 1/2 hog
Jamie Vissering Flanagan 1/2 hog

Again thanks to all who came out to support us. Stay Safe

Ricky Bane
Asst. Chief
Dana Fire



To see the clothing drop off boxes here in Minonk. We no longer have to drive to another town to do this. Thanks who made this possible.

*** Happy birthday Mr. Art. May you have 90 more great years.

A. Cremer

Memories of Mr. Oldenburg

Happy Birthday to a great teacher and person. I was in his 8th grade when we were the only grade school class in the high school building. He not only made sure we learned as the teacher of every subject, but he coached, did lunch room duty, and drove the bus besides. He did it all and was pretty much on his own. He was like a parent to us and kept an eye on all happenings. We knew that he cared but that he meant business also.

Our 8th grade class trip was to Chicago on a school bus. Before we could go we were required to learn the names of the streets in the loop in order, south to north and east to west. I've never forgotten them. That came in handy later when I lived there.

I became a teacher also thanks to his great example. Thank you Mr. Oldenburg for all that you did. Have a wonderful birthday and party.

Virginia McCully Miller


I haven't known Art that many years, but he and Mark were so faithful to stop by for a visit when my husband, Darrel, was so ill at home. You shared so many of your wonderful "school" stories with us and we enjoyed them. I wish you more HAPPY BIRTHDAYS as the Lord grants them. Thank you for being such a good "teacher" and for caring so much for friends.

Sue Mutchler

Art Oldenburg to Celebrate 90th Birthday

Dear David;

My husband Art Oldenburg will be celebrating his 90th birthday. His birth date is on March 8 but some of his family will meet with him at a cabin at Grizzly Jack's Great Bear Lodge in Utica, Il. where we will celebrate on Sunday, March 6 with a lunch at the cabin.  Anyone wishing to send a card or letter, the address is 202 Maple Avenue, Minonk, IL 61760.

Rosemary Oldenburg

Thank You

We would like to thank everyone for remembering us on our 50th Anniversary with cards, well wishes and visits. A special thank you to our children and grandchildren for making this a special day.

Duane & Marcia Hartzler

Minonk Town-Wide Garage Sale

A town-wide garage sale is being planned for Saturday, April 30, 2011 from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. What better way to clean out those closets, attics, basements, or that spare room.

If anyone is interested in participating in the Town Wide Garage Sale sign up forms are available at Pop's Sweet Shop or download the form from

To have your sale advertised in the map you must fill out the form with the $4 for advertising, etc and return both to Cathy McKay, 626 Locust, Minonk no later than April 25th.

The final garage sale map will be available at Pop's Sweet Shop, garage sale participants and on

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact Cathy McKay.

Cathy Mckay

50th Anniversary Card Shower

On March 26, our parents, Duane & Marcia Hartzler, will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We invite you to join us in honoring them by participating in a card shower. All correspondence may be mailed to them at 929 Jefferson Street, Minonk, IL 61760.

Thank you!
Jay Hartzler, Thea Horstmann & Angela Kirkendall

Angela (Hartzler) Kirkendall

2nd Grade Photo

I believe that the girl next to Dennis Carls is Jane Sullivan in the 2nd Grade photo. I think her family moved to Minnesota when we were in 5th grade. I also think that the girl in the back row is Laura Tallyn, not Taylor.

Marg Gardner Robertson

Early Wishes

Happy 91st, Mr Oldenburg along with good health. Let me be the first to wish you a great year leading to your 91st!

And thanks, too, for denying me the opportunity to play in just one basketball game in order to convince me to improve my arithmetic scores. That seemed a bit painful but got real results!

Gerry Schmidt

Gerry Schmidt

Happy 90th Birthday

I hope this is a very special birthday for you, you were special to a lot of us "baby boomers" while being our teacher and principal at the good ole Minonk Grade School. I have fond memories of those school days and how you were always strving for us to do our best. Thank you for all the time you gave us.

Barbara "Lambert" Pitcock

Mr. Oldenburg

Mr. Olderburg, thank for your service during WW ll , keeping the B 24 going was a hard job, am sure the work you did was the best, again thank's for that. Fred Baker

fred baker

Memories of Mr. Oldenburg

Happy birthday to Mr. Oldenburg. I remember that in 6th grade (I think) I had a lot of trouble with arithmetic. Mr. Oldenburg made me do all of my homework mutliple times until I got the same answer twice. It didn't take me long to realize I just had to be more careful. After that, math became my best and easiest subject. Thanks, Dave Hinkle, MDR Class of 66

Dave Hinkle

Happy Birthday, Mr. Oldenburg

Old habits die hard. Mr. Oldenburg was my grade school principal (lots of years ago) and I can't, to this day, call him Art!

My best wishes for a very happy birthday, Mr. Oldenburg!

Melody Stonier

Memories of Art Oldenburg

Mr. Oldenberg was my eighth grade teacher in 1946-47 in Rutland Grade School. The seventh and eighth grades were in the same classroom, so he taught all subjects for both classes; and this was his first year of teaching after being in the service.
I remember writing a paper about Alaska and Hawaii becoming states. The information was from the "Weekly Reader"; so he was interested in current events as a young teacher.
One of my favorite memories is of our seventh and eighth grade trip at the end of the school year. This was just after World War II, so classes had not previously taken trips. Mr. Oldenberg helped us plan the trip. We did not have a school bus, so he found several fathers who would drive. We left Rutland at 6:30 A M, and drove to New Salem where we spent the morning.
At noon we had a potluck picnic lunch which we had planned. After lunch we travelled on to Springfield and visited Lincoln's home, Lincoln's tomb, and the state capitol building. I remember going into the state treasurer's office. Then we were off to Bloomington for a "left overs" picnic at Miller Park. We finished the day by attending a movie, "Humoresque" at a Bloomington theater. It was a long but memorable day!
Mr. Oldenberg was one of my favorite teachers. He taught me a love of reading and history, and planted the first idea that I would become a teacher. Over the years he has also been a friend.
Sherry Lindeman