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Emails for March 2006
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UCC Stand for Christ not what the World wants-Gay marriages

Dear Dave,

I am from out of state and I saw this on Minonk Talk. I am originally from here, so I thought I would jump in as an outsider and a former member when I was a child. The first question should be why do you want Gay Marriage? Is it God's will or the World's will? The church cannot serve two masters light and darkness, they do not mix. Who will benefit from gay marriage God or the World? To marry gay people is the World's agenda not the Christ agenda. Once the church conforms to the ways of the World, no longer can the God Head be present with the Church. You are casting an abomination to yourselves as a Church organization, whether you allow gay preachers or gay marriages. Some serious questions should be asked by the church. Is the Church seeking Biblical Truth or Worldly opinion? Does gay marriage glorify God or the World? If Christ were to tarry today, what would he say to the Church? What would you want Christ say to the Church? I believe these are some self provoking questions that each individual should seek for themselves. Has the church done away with the Bible? Each individual member should examine their Bibles and read and find that verse that homosexuality is a blessing.


Arlene Frances (Eilts) Stricker

Why neutrality is important

Dear Dave:

Let me offer a short response to a very long topic.

Through careful study, some Christians are approaching a strong minority reading that understands the Bible's teaching about human sexuality differently. This strong minority reading sees that many texts once thought to condemn homosexuality actually condemn other behaviors instead. To the extent that this reading is true, we have misused the Bible when we used it to condemn what might otherwise be moral forms of human sexuality.

As this reading gains larger credibility, the Church Catholic will need to learn to discuss homosexuality in the way we now discuss different theologies of baptism. We each will have our own sense for what is right without condemning the others as wrong. Given the progress of the argument so far, a certain measure of neutrality is the wiser course.

Dan Gansch-Boythe

Class of 56 reunion July 1st


Just wanted to let you know that the 1956 MDR graduating class will be holding our 50th class reunion at Georgetown Restaurant in Wenona on Saturday evening, July 1st, 2006. We are hoping that we will get a GREAT turn out for this reunion.

Alice Lindley Determann

Alice L. Determann
s/k/a Mom, Grandma or Aunt

Thanks from family of Dean Quick

I just wanted to say thanks to all who showed their support and comforting words when dad passed away. Your generosity and kindness helped myself, my daughter and our family cope through this difficult time.

Thank you all for the flowers, cards and food that was brought in to our home.

Special thanks to the Lutheran Church Ladies for the luncheon provided and to Pastor Swenson for his guidance and strength along with Gods grace to give us peace.

May God bless each and everyone of you
The family of Dean Quick

Response to St. Paul's vote

I was going to send a response to your editorial, but fortunately Pastor Dan beat me to the punch. He is far more adept at getting to the point without interjecting emotion, than I could ever be. I would also add, however, there are a myriad of reasons why people voted the way they did. I invite your readers to ask their St. Paul's neighbor why they voted the way they did if they are curious. Its far better to get information straight from the horses mouth than getting it second or third hand. As for the "rift" at St. Paul's, I say its a blessing. It was nice to see so many unfamiliar faces.

Jeff Geringer
a Still Speaking
St. Paul's UCC Member

St. Paul's response to editorial

Dear Dave,

What you would have found if you checked your facts was on March 19th St. Paul's U.C.C. voted on Janice Megow's motion "to have St. Paul's U.C.C. go on record as opposing same sex marriage by using a yes/no ballot." This motion failed in a 37 yes / 97 no vote. What is the difference? Some members who are against gay marriage voted no on the motion. Why? They respect the other sides right to have an opinion. On a variety of controversial issues (capital punshment, abortion, divorce, school prayer, etc.) most of the members of St. Paul's respect each others right to disagree. A yes vote meant a letter would be sent to the national office. A no vote meant nothing would happen.
What did not happen on March 19th was sentence one of your second paragraph. There was not a motion in support of same sex marriage, and there was no vote on that motion. On that vote there would still be controversy, but the vote count would have been different. There is a fair chance that motion would not have passed either.
Covering all the news of Minonk by yourself is a big job and most of the time you do a good job. I also agree with your second to the last paragraph. This news however was "spun" to you by someone with an agenda and I think they owe you an apology.


Gayl R. Wyss

Editor's reply: I apologize if I inadverdantly misrepresented the facts as I was given them. In any event, I think it is important to clear the air on this subject so that everyone knows the true significance of the vote. I agree that it is important to respect other people's opinions.

Response to editorial

After reading your editorial Dave, the one and only thing that comes to mind is, are we not all Gods children?

Lisa Zimmerman

Reminder for Youth Football signup

This is just a reminder that this Saturday (March 25th) 10 - 1 at Fieldcrest South Lobby in Minonk will be the last opportunity to sign up for Youth Football for (2006/07) 5th - 8th Graders.

For Questions Call: Coach Buchanan (309)287-4236

Salem Children'sHome Annual Charity Auction

Salem Children's home is having their 17th Annual Charity Auction and Horse Sale, Saturday, April 8, 2006. Charity auction 9am. Horse sale 1pm.

The annual charity auction and horse sale raises critical funds for the ongoing ministry at Salem Ranch. The Salem Ranch program is devoted to seeing God change and rebuild the lives of young men. Please help support this program by donating items, volunteering or attending the auction.

Salem Ranch
15161 N. 400 East Road
Flanagan, IL 61740

Check out the sale items and horses at a special preview night Friday,April 7, at 7 pm.

If you would like to help or have any questions please contact Linda Lindley (815) 796-4561,ext. 129 or Nicole Nesland (815) 796-4561 ext 155.

Thank you and we hope to see you there.

Fieldcrest students need work

The Citizens Advisory Council has dependable Fieldcrest students who are in need of help in paying for their Spring extracurricular activities. Anyone who is in need of help with jobs around the house, (cleaning, painting, yard work, car washing, moving furniture ect...) please call Monica Kalkwarf at 432-2890. The money earned goes directly into the student's account.

Thank you,
Fieldcrest Citizens Advisory Council

Fieldcrest Basketball Team, Congratulations

What a wonderful season this years team has put together with an excellent record of 26 wins and 2 losses. You can hold your head high and you seniors will have many memorable moments as the years go by. I remember our 1948 team and know you must be experiencing many conflicting emotions after your season ending loss. I vividly remember our regional loss to Henry, a powerhouse who we had eliminated from the regional the year before. Frankly, we couldn't handle them in the rematch. Our season ended!!! I am sure you players will remember "your" loss as vividly and tearfully as we. As each year goes by, and I admit at age 74, "my" pain still exists. Now, when each of Minonk's basketball seasons end I am reminded that maybe if I had tried a little harder I could have made the difference for my "Mohawks". I can only say that too many tears were shed that losing night as each member of our team tried to understand what happened. We were beaten and our season was over! We were all seniors except Willy. This would not happen again, no rematch!! OK, so its only game! OH YAH!!!!!!!! Tell me about it!!!!!!!!!!!

Albin Johnson class of '48

Vacation Bible School Fundraiser

Each summer Minonk is blessed to have a wonderful community Vacation Bible School - a cooperative project involving adults and children from all of the churches in town. Some 200+ children look forward to VBS every year. Because the cost of VBS is approximately twice the registration donation we ask from the families, we need to do some fundraising so we have seed money for this summer's school (which, by the way, will be at the Baptist Church July 31 - Aug 4, 6:00-8:30pm).

The fundraiser is a Soup and Sandwich Supper which will be held at St. Paul's on March 11 from 4:00 - 7:00. Tickets are $5.00 in advance ($5.50 at the door). They can be purchased from various VBS volunteers as well as St. Paul's UCC office, Pop's Sweet Shoppe, or Visions Video. Menu will be Baked Potato Soup or Chicken Noodle Soup, Avanti's Gondolas, Homemade Pie and beverages.

In addition to hungry eaters on March 11, we are in need of volunteers from the VBS community to help with the supper. We need pie bakers, servers. dishwashers, bus people, set-up people, and clean-up people. Volunteers should call Stephanie Fuchs at 432-2615 to sign up for one or more of the two-hour shifts.

We would very much appreciate your help in publicizing this event as well as the need for volunteers. Thank you so much!

Pastor Pam

Website should not be a forum for bickering

I personally feel that this web page should be about people needing to get there fundraisers advertised and for people to know what events are going on around town. Not as a forum for bickering and belly aching or a typo or misread facts. A lot of people on here are older than I am and should act like it. And leave the web site space to causes that need to be on here not things that you can do up at your coffee shop.

Heather Peiffer

Should we be neutral on a moral subject?

Dear Dave,
I would like to know why there was a such a vote at the Saint Paul's Church anyway? God has clear laws that we are to live and abide by and He clearly states that marriage is between one man and one woman.

I don't understand why everyone is justifying this by saying we are all God's children, which we are, but we aren't judging the sinner we are against the actual sin. If a church tries to accommodate everyone and does not take a stand on certain subjects where does that leave the church? Saint Paul's church in their many emails said that they stand neutral on this subject, even though it does not appear that way to me, but even if they do should the backbone of society stand neutral on any moral subject? Also, it upset me to see that one of the Saint Paul members was unclear about judgment day when it should be very clear in all churches, no matter how liberal, exactly where you are going to go and how you will get there.

Jason Timmerman

Owe St. Paul's an apology

I feel you owe the people of St. Paul's U C C an apology in EDITORAL FORM, just as you put the MISINFORMATION out there in bold print.-not just a little blurb like editor's reply.
Also -letters to the editor must be signed to be published.
Where are the signatures on you misinformation ? Where did you get it? Should the same apply?
Joy Longman
Editor's reply: Since you seem to pretty upset with this situation I am sure you already know who the source is anyway. Do you want me to publish the person's name so we can continue this childish bickering? My motives for writing the editorial was to clear the air and help bring the church back together. The fact that I worded it wrongly was my fault. That didn't change the vote any. I have already apologized for not reporting the issue as a vote not to send a letter to the national synod taking a stance against gay marriage rather than as a vote to support gay marriage.

Comment on St. Paul's


The St. Paul's vote, etc has stirred up a hornet's nest it seems. This is good, and what MinonkTalk should be all about. My grandfather's picture hangs in the basement of the church, on what I'd like to call "Preacher's Row".

I'm not taking sides on this issue, because I'm not there to cover my A- -. If you know what I mean.

However, I just got to thinking what these preachers would think about the whole matter in the span of time they were there. Back in my grandfather's day, the gay issue was in the closet, then as we progressed as a more "liberal" society, the closet door opened at crack and kept on opening little by little until we're where we are today; heading for full acceptance of gay rights.

Yes, we are all God's children, and He's always with us, putting us to the test.

Stay well!

Art Kettelhut

Response to editorial on gay marriage


As an active member of St. Paul's UCC, I feel I need to respond to your editorial on the Gay Marriage Controversy at St. Paul’s.

Please note that throughout my email I will use the term same-sex marriage instead of gay marriage, as I feel that the term "gay" is somewhat of a slang term.

First of all, the vote that was taken at St. Paul's UCC on March 19th was not about whether we (the congregation) support or object to Same-Sex Marriages. On January 15, 2006, our annual meeting was held. During the meeting Janis Megow requested that the members of St. Paul's UCC take a vote to decide whether or not to send a letter to the General Synod that stated, "We the members of St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Minonk want to go on record as opposing Same Sex Marriages." Therefore, the vote was not about whether we support same sex marriage or not. It was about whether to send the letter or not. St. Paul's United Church of Christ has not gone on record supporting gay marriages. It was clearly stated that, a "yes" vote meant that the individual wanted a letter to be sent and that a "no" vote meant that the individual did not wish to have a letter sent. So, just because an individual voted "no" did not necessarily mean that they support same sex marriages.

On March 19, 2006, I voted "no." Personally, I'm not for sure how I feel about same sex marriage. However, I do not feel that I am one to judge someone for the way that they choose to live their life. I know that I have committed sin in my life as I'm sure that many others have and although, I have repented for my sins, I'm unsure where my place will be when my life here on earth is over. Does anyone really know what will happen on judgment day? We are all children of God and I feel that we need to treat one another that way.

I feel that the separation within St. Paul's United Church of Christ is not just due to the issue of same sex marriage. Over the years, I have noticed that there are many different reasons why people come to church or why people stop coming to church. I'm not specifically referring to St. Paul's UCC, because I believe that it happens in other churches as well. People come to church for many different reasons, such as to worship, because times are bad or because others want them to. On the other hand, people stop coming to church for many different reasons, such as they don't care for the ministers, they believe that they don't have the time, because they don't get along with other members of the congregation or because they don't agree on issues. Members come and members go. But is it really about what "we" want?

Your statement, "What plays well in San Francisco will not always play well in Minonk." Are you labeling the people of San Francisco? I'm pretty sure that they are all children of God also.

I agree with your statement, "It comes down to a person's interpretation of the Bible." If there was a room of 10 people and you gave them each the same scripture and asked them to write down what it said to them. Do you think that each one of them would interpret it the same way?

I also agree that is unfortunate that St. Paul's United Church of Christ is at risk of losing some of it's members. However, the individuals that are so bothered by this one issue from the General Synod meeting are not even what I would consider active members of the congregation. Some of them do not attend services regularly, send their children to Sunday school, or volunteer their time in different areas of the church. This group of members also sent mailings out to some members of the church. However, they just signed them "the concerned members of St. Paul's UCC." If they felt so strongly about their stance on this issue, why did they not state their names? Did they not want to be judged? I've got a pretty good guess as to where your information came from and that is fine. But, it seems to me that you did not get the whole story. And Dave, since you are a member of St. Paul's United Church of Christ and felt compelled to write an editorial about the church, why did you not look into the issue a little further? Why weren't you at the annual meeting on January 15th or the congregational meeting on March 19th?

I am very proud to be a member of St. Paul's United Church of Christ and I am very proud to be a part of a congregation that joyfully accepts anyone who wishes to attend.
Many good things have happened to St. Paul's United Church of Christ in the past few years. Are you aware that we have a mid-week program that ministers to approximately 30 children each week? Junior and Senior High Youth Groups that have approximately 30 youth participating. We also have another program that ministers to the community. It is called Study Buddies and it was organized to help children with their homework after school two days a week. Many of our members are also very active in the Vacation Bible School program and the food pantry. I don't know about you, but I am proud of all these things and proud that I am a part of such a wonderful church.

It has been said and noted on paper that St. Paul's United Church of Christ will be known as the "Gay" Church. Should we, as Christians really be acting this way?


Stephanie Fuchs

Editor's reply: I realize when I wrote the editorial that I would probably evoke strong responses. My objective was to get members of the church not to over react. Also, I may have been playing devils advocate but I felt that because of all of the coffee shop talk that by writing the editorial people would have a chance to make their positions known. I think the rest of the community now has a better idea of the church's stance and the coffee shop talk can subside.

Response to gay marriage editorial

Dear Dave:

Let me quote the exact motion the St. Paul's United Church of Christ congregation voted on at its meeting on March 19, 2006. The minutes read: "Xxx made a motion to have St. Paul's UCC go on record as opposing same-sex marriage by having a yes/no ballot vote."

The clear sense of the motion is this question: Should we "go on record" as a congregation? The vote was 97 to 37 opposing the motion. The only meaning of the vote was this: that as a congregation we take no stand together on the issue. Each individual member is encouraged to study, pray, and come to her or his own understanding about this issue.

This is what is factually correct. As a congregation, St. Paul's United Church of Christ neither affirms nor opposes the General Synod 25 Resolution regarding same-sex marriage.

The Rev. Dr. Daniel A. Gansch-Boythe
Senior Pastor
St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Minonk

Thanks from St. Paul's church

Thank you from St.Paul's United Church of Christ Youth Fellowship!!

Yes, it may be belated, but it is heartfelt. Thank you sooo much for the support that the community and businesses showed our youth group in our very first Chicken Fry.

> Without Paul Steinhilber, Brian Decker, Dee and Don Ragusa, Don Schmillen, Jim Fewell, Bill Knack, Jess's Pub, Third Base Tap, (anyone else I forgot) and everyone who purchased chicken dinners it would not have been possible.

We leave on on our trip to South Dakota on Thursday, June 2nd. Because of your kindness and support we will be able to help many children who have very little.

We will post a picture when we return from our trip!
Thanks again,

Suzie Schertz
St.Paul's United Church of Christ
Youth Leader

Chili dinner reminder

We would like to remind the public that the Chili/Hot Dog Dinner-Raffle-Bake Sale Fundraiser for Mikalie Stalter is being held tomorrow, March 26. This event is being held at Fieldcrest South Gym from 11:00am - 2:00pm. Mikalie is a martial art student who has been invited to China to study with Grand Master WuBin. Grand Master WuBin has a world wide reputation in the martial art of Wushu and has taught such people as Jackie Chan and Jet Li. It is a huge honor to be invited and an extraordinary opportunity for Mikalie. All proceeds will be used to help fund this trip for Mikalie and her mother. In addition to the chili and hot dog dinner, there will also be a great raffle table and bake sale table available. There will also be martial arts demonstrations by Mikalie and others at 11:30, 12:30 and 1:30. We hope everyone can come support this great cause!

Event Organizers,
Julie Schmitt and Barb Hahn

If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute to this cause, contact
Julie 432-2681 or Barb 432-3003

Tickets for Fieldcrest fundraiser

The Citizens Advisory Council still has a few tickets left for the Fieldcrest Extracurricular Draw down being held this Friday, March 17th at the Rutland American Legion. A porkchop dinner will be served from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. The draw down will be from 7:00- 11:00. Tickets are $50.00 and include 2 meals and drinks. The organizations/teams have put together some great gift baskets for the evening. We also have some "big Ticket" items for the silent auction. Thanks to all who have already purchased tickets and made generous donations.

If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, please call Tracy Schultz at 309-432-3959, Monica Kalkwarf at 432-2890 or Paula Wiesenhofer at 309-432-2331. Come out and celebrate St. Patrick's Day while supporting Fieldcrest Extracurricular Activities!

Fieldcrest Citizens Advisory Council

Be a part of building Knight football tradition

Be a part of building Knight Football Tradition and signup for Fieldcrest Youth Football. Signup will be on Saturday March 18th from 10:00 - 1:00 and again Saturday March 25th from 10:00 - 1:00 at Fieldcrest South Lobby in Minonk. Kids going into 5th - 8th for the 06/07 school year. First time players bring your insurance card and info along with a copy of your birth certificate. Returning players just have to bring your insurance information and card. Playing fees will be $45 which will cover equipment and secondary insurance.

Don't miss out on a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Fieldcrest Youth Football Team.

For Question Call: Coach Jason Buchanan 309-287-4236.

Burning of the ditches ritual

I do wonder, Dave, about that "burning of the ditches" ritual ...
Eliminates the last vestiges of habitat for the wildlife in the area, with the fields empty. Seems a pity in a way.

The waterways and railroad right-of-ways seem to be the only places where wildlife can find habitat in Central Illinois.

Lynn Tweedt-Rabinowe
Citrine Golden Retrievers
& Wirehaired Pointing Griffons
Citrine Kennels at Big Meadow Farm
Deer Island, Oregon

Editor's note: Lynn, unfortunately, you are right. In corn and bean country, elimination of weeds and grass takes precedence over providing wildlife cover.

Basketball DVD's available

If anyone is interested in any or all of the Fieldcrest Basketball games that aired on Channel 13 this season, please Contact Jason Buchanan at They will be available in DVD format.