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Emails for February 2006
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7th Grade State Championship Game on Channel 13 | The fat lady hasn't sung yet! | Wes Ford's 90th Birthday | Congratulations to Fieldcrest West 7th Grade | Open suggestion to Minonk and participating communities | Congratulations to the Fieldcrest West | More congratulations to Fieldcrest | Congratulations to Fieldcrest Knights | Government not taking away personal freedoms |

The fat lady hasn't sung yet!

Howdy Dave!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! After several months of Chemo, blood transfusions, and shots, I think I have whipped this Cancer thing. '05 was not a good year to say the least, but according to my Oncologist, I have a clean slate. I still have to be watched. CT scans, etc.

I’d like to let everyone know that I’ll be starting my MinonkTalk page again very soon.

I'm not crying in my beer, I just want to let everyone know that Cancer can be beaten. It's not always a death warrant. So for those who are going through it, keep the faith. When I was told that I had it, I was devastated, and thought my life was over, but with today's new drugs and procedures, it can be conquered. So the fat lady hasn't sung yet!

I'll be back soon, working on pages that make no sense at all. But, if they let a smile come out, or a laugh, it'll we worth it.

Art Kettelhut

Congratulations to Fieldcrest West 7th Grade

7th Grade STATE CHAMPS!!!!!! Congratulations to all the boys and coaches on a wonderful season. And this is only the beginning West 8th Grade starts State on Saturday at Monticello. Good Luck to them as well.

Jason Buchanan

Congratulations to the Fieldcrest West

Congratulations to the Fieldcrest West Middle School 7th Grade Boys!! They have been playing in the IESA State finals at Clinton, IL, and have won the last 3 games. They will be playing Peoria Pleasant Valley Thursday, Feb. 9th @ 7:30 p.m.. Good luck boys!!! You have done a great job and it is well deserved!!!!

Sherry Stalter

Congratulations to Fieldcrest Knights

Congratulations to the Fieldcrest Knights upon winning the Midstate Conference and continuing the undefeated basketball season.

One of the Mohawk Ancestors,
Gerry Schmidt

7th Grade State Championship Game on Channel 13

Channel 13 will be playing the 7th Grade State Championship Game Wednesday (02/22) Night at 7:00 PM. It will be brought to you by Minonk & Super DVD Productions, Fieldcrest West Booster Club, Kirkton Electric & Meyer-Jochums Agency.

Jason Buchanan

Wes Ford's 90th Birthday

Dear Dave,

Wesley Ford was a long time resident of Minonk and ran Ford's Electric Shop on main street for many years. He and his wife Alvina are now living in a retirement home in Wisconsin. Wes will be celebrating his 90th birthday on March 14 this year. If any of your readers would like to remember his birthday, they are invited to send him a card at this

Wesley Ford
1126 Main Street
Apt No 8
Onalaska, WI, 54650

Thanks in advance

Karen Ford Vallow

Open suggestion to Minonk and participating communities

If it ain't snowing or tornadoing in Woodford County, where are all those old and new basketball fans at? This year's unbeaten Fieldcrest BB team is something they may not see again for another 50 years. Forget saving your bucks for the Drag Strip and get to the playoff games and fill those bleachers like your parents did in 1948. Signed, "Now a player from the SECOND best team to ever play at Minonk High School" Class of '48'.

Albie Johnson

More congratulations to Fieldcrest

I would like to add my congratulations to the Fieldcrest Knights for their outstanding basketball season. These young men, and the entire Fieldcrest community, have a great deal of which to be proud. Best wishes for your continued success as you progress toward the State Championship.

Another Mohawk Ancestor,
Jon R Johnson
Class of '54

Government not taking away personal freedoms


While I agree with you that we live in a great country, I have a few thoughts on your recent editorial with which I do not implicitly agree. First, let me start by saying that I do agree that it should be the parents' job to regulate what their children view on the internet. That being said let's take a look back through history and the historical development of the laws that are put in place to regulate people. Laws very often appear for one very simple reason. Laws are established to regulate people when they lack the ability to self-regulate in a civil manner. Parents are not monitoring what their children are viewing on the web. This is a blanket statement of course and there are parents that monitor their children's internet access. If this society has gotten to a point that the parents are not monitoring children's access to pornography for instance, then it is up to a regulatory agency to step in. We are not talking about relinquishing our civil rights or freedoms here. This discussion is about how we as a society have chosen to behave in such a way that requires regulation. If you see it differently I will need more evidence that what you have presented in your editorial because I'm not convinced this is a governmental ploy to take away my personal freedoms and right.


Jeffrey Carver

Editor's reply: While inspecting internet files to gather information on pornography is not in of itself an objectional motive, what is objectionable is that it sets a dangerous precedent which could lead to who knows what in the future? Given this power a government employee could use snooping for the purposes of blackmailing an adversary similar to what the late J. Edgar Hoover try to do to Martin Luther King. That possibility could certainly subdue the use of the internet.