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Emails for January 2007
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Kudos to Karen Lindsay

After reading the article on MinonkTalk about the heroic actions of Mrs. Lindsay, I would like to offer kudos to her as well. Judy, you have done a wonderful job writing this article, and you were right on by calling Mrs. Lindsay a hero, as a hero is someone who is noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose! The mere fact that Mrs. Lindsay showed more concern for the safety of others undoubtedly saved lives and is a true feat of courage. Her purpose was noble, and I know God definitely was watching out for Mrs. Lindsay as she laid down her life to help others. Over the years from what I've observed of the Lindsay's, they strike me as people who are compassionate and considerate of others; the actions shown during the fire further cement my opinion. I am glad that lives were saved today, and pray for a speedy recovery for Mrs. Lee. I would also like to inquire whether there are services or a center that is taking care of the needs of the displaced individuals. Is there any one that concerned citizens can contact to inquire about donations, etc.?

Christina Jenkins

7th Grade Boys Going to State

We would like to once again, congratulate the 7th Grade boys basketball team and coaches! They defeated Dwight Middle School in the sectional game on Wednesday night in front of a huge Fieldcrest crowd. The boys head to the state tournament at Clinton High School with a 25-0 record!!

They will play in Clinton at 1:00 on Saturday, February 3rd.
Good luck Knights!! We are very proud of you.

Darin and Missie Klendworth

Sherilyn Klendworth
Grove Elementary
2nd Grade

The Talk of Minonk

I want to add my congratulations to the many others for your untiring efforts to maintain MinonkTalk these past seven years. What many don't know is the amount of time it takes to continue MinonkTalk. I've seen you at the office till 8 or 9 at night fixing and improving programs so the site would meet your reader's needs and be more user friendly. I also know that at times you have espoused opinions to generate comments from your readers. In some cases, you've taken hits because of what you said. But what you said did get others thinking and reacting. MinonkTalk can only be truly successful if the readers become involved. I know you keep trying to make that happen. Minonk is blessed to have a media where the citizens can speak out and influence their own lives and those of their families. After all isn't that how freedom and liberty are suppose to work?

Then there are those of us who have past ties with Minonk. MinonkTalk is our comfort zone. We get so involved in the world around us that we need someplace to go that reminds us of happy and familiar times. We can go to your web site and read about people we once shared a town with (for many of us it's their children or grandchildren we are reading about). We marvel at the accomplishment of people who we figured never would succeed but now have far surpassed even us. There is a link with people we have never met. It's that sharing of the same town. How could this comradery take place if it weren't for MinonkTalk? It couldn't! MinonkTalk is our Internet highway back home.

Dave, Thanks for your time and efforts. And thanks for MinonkTalk. Bob Schmitz said, "If your site was a pay site I would gladly subscribe". I know we, your readers, can't fully compensate you for all you've done in the past seven years and for promoting Minonk in the eyes of the world, but I am going to take Bob Schmitz idea and declare MinonkTalk a pay site. My check for $20 is on its way. Anyone else?

January 30, 2007 Barth Weistart

7 Great Years

Congratulations on 7 great years. I love your Web site and visit several times a week. Although I moved away over 26 years ago, Minonk will always be home. This wonderful Web site allows me to keep up with the activities and the great people of Minonk. While most people retire to Florida, I plan to come back to Minonk some day…at least for the summers. Until I am officially a snowbird, I'll keep looking to your Web site to remind me of home.

Thanks again,
Thom Raulen
Vero Beach, Florida

Seven is a magical word

Congratulations on your very very successful venture with Minonktalk. I do, and Minonkites should, owe you a real vote of gratitude. Where else could some one have his ego stroked by publishing over 30 of his little stories and still have time to share thoughts about politics and art. Maybe some folks back there (when the weather warms) host a beer and brats party at "Daves" Pavilion to show their gratitude.

Albin Johnson

Fieldcrest 7th Grade wins Regional

Hi Dave,
I would like to congratulate the 7th grade boys basketball team and Coach Martin and Coach Peterson for winning the regional championship game last night. Great job boys!!! They defeated Germantown Hills on Jan. 23rd and defeated El Paso last night, Jan 24th for the championship win. The boys remain undefeated on the season. The Knights move to the sectional game at Midland Middle School (Sparland) next Wednesday night, January 31st at 6:00. They will play Dwight Middle School. Good luck Knights.

Missie Klendworth

Sherilyn Klendworth
Grove Elementary
2nd Grade

New Tae Kwon Do School in Minonk

Hi Dave.
I just wanted to let you and your readers know that Derick Jackson will be opening up "The Minonk Tae Kwon Do School" at 556 N. Chestnut St. on February 5th. This is the same building that Mr. Eric Olson originally opened The Minonk Academy of Tae Kwon Do in. Mr. Jackson is having an informational open house, meet & greet on Sunday, January 28th from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. Derick has 17 years of Martial arts experience along with boxing and kickboxing experience he got at Bruno's & Brad's gym in Bloomington.He currently holds a 2nd degree Black Belt under 7th degree Master Chang Kim of Normal. Master Kim will be the schools master instructor and all students will test for belt ranks and be issued their rank by him, ensuring that all ranks are recognized by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. Anyone who has attended The Minonk Academy in the past or that has practiced Tae Kwon Do and currently holds rank will be welcome to continue training in The Minonk Tae Kwon Do School. The school number is 432-2190 if you wish to contact him before Sunday.

Bob Jackson

Pop's serving Tuesday night supper

I would like to let everyone know that Pop's Sweet Shop is going to try and serve supper on Tuesday nights. This Tuesday we will be serving chicken noodle casserole, corn, and lettuce salad, with bread and butter for $6.50. We will change the sign on the side of the building weekly to let everyone know what the menu is. We also have started a new program for lunch,, buy 9 meals, and get the 10th one free. We serve from 10:30 -1:30 M-F, and have soups and a special every day. We also have homemade Bar-B-Que, Tacos and Roast Beef sandwiches along with our regular menu. We have speedy carryouts, and you can phone ahead and it will be ready pickup.

Thank you;

Shelly, Kathy,Pop and the crew.

Praise for quick reactions on fire

I would like to commend Judy on such a nice article about South Haven. I too believe that Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay should be praised for their heroic efforts. As a child, South Haven was somewhat of a second home to me. My grandparents lived there for several years and I enjoyed visiting with them and the other tenants. I am so very glad to hear that no one living there was severely injured. I just want to thank the Lindsay's for their quick reactions and also to Judy for providing such a nice article.

Stephanie Fuchs

Found pic of gggrandfather on website

Thanks to you I think I've seen a picture of my great great grandfather. My grandfather was F. Leland Livingston and his grandfather was Philip F. Livingston who is in the photo with his brother Nathaniel in the photo listed Civil War Vetererans.

My 12 year old son is researching the Chicago Iroquois Fire because of our family connection with that (Zadel & Donald Stoddard are great great great aunt and uncles on my grandmother Martha Stoddard Livingston). Nancy Stock has been helping us put together some of our family history. My son and my husband found your website when they were doing research yesterday and I've slowing begun looking it over very carefully.

Thank you for this exciting find!

Kari Smith
Blue Island IL

7 Years


Thanks for keeping the MinonkTalk site going. I check it almost everyday for updates on Minonk even though I live only 13 miles away. I still consider myself a Minonkite and am glad to keep updated on the town and its people. Keep up the great work!

Thanks again.

Sonnie (Hattan) Moritz

Seven Years of Minonktalk

Hi Dave,

Congratulations to you for 7 great years of Minonktalk and I hope there will be many more years for this successful website. I look forward to reading Minonktalk several times a week to keep informed about the Minonk community.

Thanks again for all you do in the community.

I hope to see you in May.

Loren Smith
North Pole, Alaska

Open House Success

Hi Dave,
I would like to thank everyone who made the Minonk Tae Kwon Do open house a success. Attached is the current schedule that we will be using. Anyone who has any questions can call 432-2190.

Derick Jackson

P.S. I will help cook the brats.

Thanks for MinonkTalk

Hi Dave,
Just wanted to say "thanks" for Minonktalk. I really appreciate being able to keep track of happenings in Minonk through your efforts. If you site was a paysite I would gladly subscribe. Your efforts are appreciated.

Bob Schmitz (M-D class of 1955)

MidState Stars Soccer Club Registration

MidState Stars Soccer Club is looking for High School athletes who want to commit to playing soccer this Spring. Ages 8th Grade to Senior; young men and women to play on a coed U18 soccer team. We are accepting registrations for April league play. Anyone interested in signing up, or having any questions; please contact Mike Zimmerman (work: 309-527-1515/ home: 309-432-3057).

Please feel free to visit our club web-site on the MinonkTalk Community Web Listings in the Viewer Input section.

Mike Zimmerman
MidState Stars Soccer Club

Congratulations to Fieldcrest West girls

The Fieldcrest West 6th Grade girls volleyball team played in a tournament over in Germantown Hills on Saturday January 20th. They Placed 2nd over all. I just wanted to take the time to Congratulate them on a Job well done! They did very well. Way to Go Girls we are very proud of you all. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Kelly Lane

Correction to candidate filings


In regard to your last editorial, I wish to correct the statement made that one person in Ward 2 has filed a petition for the next election in April. No one has filed a petition as of yet. The filing period is only from 8:00 a.m. January 29th to 5:00 p.m. February 5th. Two people have picked up packets but that is not for public information beings they could be picking it up for someone else or change their mind before the filing period. Thank you for correcting this.

Bobbie Evans