Photos from
Minonk's past

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1952 Minonk-Dana H.S. Band

This picture of the 1952 Minonk-Dana High School Band was taken in the old gymnasium. The band director was Donald Smith who is to the left of the tubas in the rear. Drum majors from the left are Patsy Antle, Carol Jo Jansen, Martha McCully, and Mernie Tjaden. The drummer to the left of director Don Smith is Joan Eden. The last row of the band in front of the majorettes are: Gene Fehring, Don Miller, Donaleen (Meils) Ullman, and Norma (Graack) ???. In the second row from the left, first chair is Bonnie Parks(?), third chair is Donald Dunham. In the front left row are Patty Durre, Mary Lou Dishinger, and Joyce Grampp. In the front center row from the left is Errol Baxter, Carol Palmer, Esther Lindley(?), Ron Seggerman, and Harold Johnson. In the back row the left tuba player is Bob Kapraun, the tuba player on the right is Bob Decker, and the snare drummer to the right of him is Janice Eikenmeyer. In the right front row first chair is Pam Palmer and then Martha Eikenmeyer. In the second chair, second row right is Evelyn Dunham. The far right row, 1st chair is Janice Johnson, 2nd chair is Glen Weber, 3rd chair is Tom Ford. The snare drummer to the right of the base drummer is Sally Dishinger. The flag bearer second from the right is Vauna Cline Williams. They are the only band members that can be identified so far. The photo was submitted by Martha Cunningham. Thanks to Donaleen Meils Ullman, Pam Palmer Goy, Carol Palmer Schmitd, and others who helped identify the band members.