A look at
Minonk's past

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1928 Minonk Grade School class

This picture of the 1928 Minonk Grade School class was submitted by Bob Roman.
Back row left to right: Harrison Tallyn, Lucille Conroy, Florence Fischer, Jeanne Griffith, Miss Gaddis, Helen Fischer, Julia Valinski, Helen Meils, Henry Onnen, Billie Turner.
Middle row: Clayton Ramsey, Eileen Kettwich, Edmona Henderson, Evelyn Reiter, Marjorie Grassman, Edith Ann Gaisford, Catherine Eve, Eleanor Knavie, Esther Barth, Donald Wilcox.
Front row: Dale Tolan, Leroy Finnel, Felix Schrader, Wesley Ford, Emerson Janssen?, Glen Hinkle, Charles Jankowski, Junior Davidson.