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Third grade class of 1946

This picture was submitted by Martha Cunningham. The ones who can be identified are first row left: Martha Cunningham, the 3rd from left is Susan Gardner, Harvey Curley, Mary Timmerman, Key Veihman, Oliver Turchi, and James O'Brien. Second row left is the teacher Carita Barth(Spires), Joyce Drain, Larry Bearss, and Mary Lou Dishinger. The girl second from the right is Joyce Grampp. Lyle Hinkle is believed to be the tall boy in the back middle. Barth Weistart should be in there somewhere according to Martha. If anyone can recognize the other pupils, contact us.

Martha said that the picture was taken in the winter of 1945-46. They started school shortly after VJ day that year, the first time any of those in the class could remember there was NOT a war going on.