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Grandma Flohr and sister

Jane Diaz sends us her favorite photo of her grandmother Anna (Hanson) Flohr (in the black hat) and her grandmother's sister Lydia (Hanson) Schroeder. Jane said she would love to know what the situation was that they were all dressed up for! Grandma lived with Jane's Mom and Dad, Henry & Bertha Kalkwarf, for 28+ years. She was a wonderful, kind lady, who still spoke German as her first language and would often ask her Dad how to say things in English. She came over to the United States when she was 14 with her younger brother Tase. Grandma said her parents wanted them to escape the war and they were afraid Tase would be drafted when he became “of age” so they sent them here to live with relatives in the Gilman/Danforth area.

Aunt Lydia was married to Henry Schroeder and lived in Gilman. Jane said that she and her Grandma used to go spend two weeks at her aunt's house in the summer. She and Grandma would spend the whole time crocheting and quilting.

This is a photo that Jane has that is labeled Benjamin Kalkwarf, who is Jane's grandfather. She doesn’t know if it is though. The ones that she have of him and Grandma Anna (Harms) Kalkwarf, don’t really look like this. Does anyone know who this is?