Learn why Minonk, Illinois is a great place to grow your business


The city of Minonk offers excellent opportunities for economic development.   The city is located on Interstate 39 and has large tracts of land available for industrial, commercial, or real estate development.  With low real estate prices and taxes and with a lower than average wage scale, Minonk offers a low cost solution to expanding your operations or for setting up a new enterprise.  Read on to see why the City of Minonk is a great place to grow your business. 


Location, location, location!

Minonk is located next to I-39 and is 30 miles south of I-80, 30 miles north of I-74 and 20 miles west of I-55. This proximity to interstate highways makes Minonk an ideal location for providing transportation to and from your operations. In addition, Minonk is conveniently located in the center of 3 fairly large metropolitan areas which provides a large labor pool.

Peoria - population 120,000 - 40 miles
Bloomington-Normal - 100,000 - 30 miles
LaSalle-Peru - 50,000 - 30 miles
Chicago - 120 miles
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Low cost

Minonk is far enough away from large metropolitan areas to enjoy a relatively low cost of living. Being located in the middle of the richest farmland in the world, farm acreage is going for $3000 to $4000 an acre. Residential property sells for $10,000 to $18,000 for a 1/3 acre lot. The average wage scale is competitive and property taxes are low.

Life style

Minonk offers a respite from the harried life style of the big-city. The community is blessed with a low crime rate, no pollution or traffic jams, and an excellent school system. In addition, the city has an excellent residential area with many new houses as well as many beautiful old houses that have been well maintained. It is an excellent place to raise a family.


Minonk has a variety of businesses. Click here to see a list of businesses in the Minonk area.

About Minonk

Minonk is a city of 2200 that has a rich history. Founded in 1854, the city has evolved from a coal mining and mercantile center into an agricultural and small manufacturing center. The town has a pleasant blend of old Victorian buildings with many new homes and modern schools. To learn more about Minonk, click here.

Available property

Property for commercial or industrial development is available in Minonk. This land is located at the I-39 intersection north of Minonk and also immediately to the north of the city.

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Industrial park

Minonk has an industrial park located north of the city next to the I-39 intersection. The park contains a small parts manufacturer, an implement dealer, a lawncare company, a retail establishment, and two personal storages unit complexes. There are 77 acres of land available immediately to the north of the industrial park for expansion.

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Carolyn Development

The Carolyn Development is located at the northeast corner of the I-39 interchange and services traffic from I-39 as well as local traffic. The development currently has a Shell truck stop and car gas station with a convenience store, a full service restaurant and a Subway sandwich shop. A Motel 6 is located across from the truck stop complex. A car dealer with car repair and service facilities is located near the entrance. There currently are two lots available for development. Approximately 20,000 cars a day pass by the interchange which provides tremendous potential for a fast food restaurant in the development complex.

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Contact us

The City of Minonk is governed by an elective city council of 6 members and a mayor. The business affairs of the city are run by a City Administrator. To learn more about the city government, click here.

To get more information on development possibilities in Minonk, contact City Administrator, Trent Smith, at the following address:

Minonk City Hall, 670 Chestnut St.
Minonk, IL 61760
Telephone: 309/432-2558
Email address: minonk@maxiis.com