1 July , 2011

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The twelfth Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, what was it all about? Well, the theme of the assembly was ‘Freed in Christ to Serve’ which expressed a Lutheran way of living using our faith in Christ.  A way of living that calls for humility, accountability, courage, and compassion. As we live in a world filled with the evidence of sin and its power.

First of all, the ELCA is confident that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God for salvation for everyone who has faith. [Romans 1:16]  The Gospel of Christ is the power to create and sustain the Church for God’s mission in this world.  As ELCA Lutherans, we trust in the Word and Sacrament, trust in the work of the Spirit, and confide in the power of the Cross for our lives.  With these statements of what our faith is like and guided by, we are a Church that will not yield to cultural and religious pressure nor will we ‘draw lines in the sand’ for people who are different than us.  The ELCA is a Church, therefore, that lives in the midst of today’s complex questions and dynamic themes that intersect at the crossroads of life and faith.

We as the ELCA affirm an ecology of life.  This means that we have a relationship to both the earth and the people. The ELCA affirms this necessary relationship with people of all nationalities, faiths, and cultures.   In essence, Lutherans are called upon to be accountable for the good stewardship of all of God’s wonderful creation.  Congregations are the ‘bedrock’ of this new movement in the ELCA.  And, although we vary in terms of size, ethnicity, history, and context, we share the ‘missions’ emphasis of our Church.  Synods partner with both the congregation and the Churchwide ELCA organization to support congregational leaders, develop new leadership, and strengthen the emphasis on missions by our Churches.   Direction was given in this year’s Assembly to ‘global partnership to the needs of the world,’ developing ecumenical partners between other denominations and foreign countries, and a more visible witness to movements that support worldwide peace, reconciliation, violence prevention, and service to our biblical ‘neighbors.’

The educational ministries of the ELCA were celebrated for the types of graduates that are entering today’s work-world.  All are critical to the growing needs of science, medicine, and humanitarianism needed in this world today.   Bishop Hansen placed emphasis on our need to change in the context of ministry.  This means a transition to being helped by the ELCA to be recognized as ‘centers for missions to others’ and the ‘building of abilities in witnessing to our faith.’

The Bishop’s report confirmed the reality that has been suspected for the last several years in the ELCA.  First, we are in the midst of demographic changes in the world, nation, and Church.   Particularly in the ELCA, we are aging and have limited diversity.  This means that we will have to relate better to the people outside of the Lutheran Church.  The LIFT commission is already suggesting pertinent changes within all ELCA congregations which we will soon see.  Financial challenges abound, but so do opportunities, too.  Bottom line…..Global Missions cost money to support.  Second, the landscape of today’s religious life requires a renewed commitment to reach out to those who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Only 26% of Americans attend a Church!   The figuring of our ELCA analysts contends that if the population of our nations exceeds 300 million people, then, the Lutheran Church should relate to these people effectively and immediately.  Using our people and our technology, people of all types should be reached as we plan in our congregations.

Personally, I gathered from reading the full report of the Bishop regarding this Assembly that the ELCA is finally looking ahead.  And, I mean this positively.  I am excited about the LIFT Commission, I do think that we grow only as we serve our Lord, and that, although the Church will become smaller in terms of congregational size, I can honestly see a new dynamics being implemented in the ELCA; which has been needed for years.

Thanks to our faith in God…….the ELCA will become even a more vital Church in the world!

---Pastor Ray--- 


Keep In Your Prayers
The following members,
Frieda Kettwich
Robin Huls
Marge Jensen
Carolee Bachman
John Attaberry
Sheila Renken
Cooper Sunken
Rob Feldkamp
Keith May
Jerry Ales
Renee Sommer
Marge Durre
Winnie Tucker
Vern Barth
Rita Tarmann
Drew Hood

Dear People Of Immanuel,
Thank you so much for everything! For planning and executing the reception; for your support in numerous ways these past years; for the beautiful cross; and for being witnesses of Christ to me and to the world! God has richly blessed me because of you all! I really think my ministry will be all that much more because of how God called our stories together. It’s my prayer that you continue to have faith in the One who call you by name as you continue your own ministry in Minonk, Toluca, Dana, and wherever else you find yourselves. You all are a huge blessing, and I am so grateful that so many of you were able to participate in the ordination in various ways, I will remember forever, I think (and hope).
Peace in Christ
Pastor Trish DeBoer

Mark your Calendars
November 7th Noon—7pm
Contact Jessica Overocker for an appointment.


Immanuel’s Helping Hands for August 2011


4th Joyce Kiefer 11th Hannah Redenius 18th Allyson Bane 25th Patrick Luckey

Communion Assistants:

4th Deb & Matthew Carr 18th Nancy Redenius & Joyce Kiefer

Ushers Charlie & Matthew Carr

Altar Guild

Donis Klein & Evon Meierhofer

Acolytes 4th Evan Seggerman

11th Alexis Redenius

18th Emily Weisenhofer

25th Stefanie Carr

Lectors 4th Marcia Hartzler

11th Nancy Redenius

18th Linda Budde

25th Carol Hood

If you can not serve these Sunday’s please make sure you find a replacement and notify either Pastor or Joyce of the change.

It is greatly appreciated.

Also for those of you who have graciously graced our Altar with flowers, I truly hope you have enjoyed them. Please make sure you bring back the green vase as the florist does not charge for these.

Thanks Again.

August Council Minutes
Page 4
Secretary’s, Treasurer’s and Pastor’s reports was looked over. Motion to accept was made and carried.
Correspondence: Com Ed letter about fixed rated we reviewed it was decided we don't want them. Letter from Church Mutual was received saying our policy would be renewed. Also they don’t cover water damage from flood etc. Thank you for Wartburg for money sent. Thank you from Lutheran Social Services for money sent. Good Samaritan Thank you for a gift sent to them. Zion Evangelical Lutheran thank you for their gift.
Old Business: It was agreed that Trish’s ordination went over real well. Trish was very grateful for all we have done for her. Janet Redenius took pictures and will line up a making a book.
New Business: Ed Renken resigned his post on maintenance committee. We need to have a ne committee for maintenance. Dave will ask those on the old one if they wish to stay then we will ask for people to sign up to be on the new committee. We will put this in the bulletin. There is a leak in the closet of the parsonage its coming from the bathroom upstairs. Steve Sidebottom checked it out and will take care of it. Stain Glass window in the men’s restroom was broken. Marc took it to have an estimate repair. It was also noted that ere are several win-dows that have problems through out the church. We need to think about repairing them, It also was mentioned we need to restain the red wood on the outside of the church. Pastor wanted to know ever bodies idea of putting the newsletter on e-mail or website. We would still have printed copies at church to those who wish it and would mail to the shut ins, we will dis-cuss it further at the next meeting. Bill Butler asked to have his membership reinstated. Mo-tioned carried, Pastor will be on vacation August 22nd—August 28th, Pastor Ruth Hansen will fill in for him.
It was discussed if no council member present what to do about counting money on Sunday. We decided if no member present lock up the money. It was then decided we need to ask for people from the church to sign up to help will be a committee to do this and be trained to do so and take turns doing the counting would require 10 or so for this. It was also brought up that it is felt we need to keep the church locked up through the week if nothing is going on here. We would lock all doors but the one by the kitchen. We have had people come in for no real good reason so fell for insurance purposes it would be better to lock up. Motion to do so was made and seconded.
Next meeting will be Wednesday Sept 7th, 7pm


Helping Hands for Bethany September

Altar Guild

Jan & Bob Bakewell

Lectors 4th Bob Bakewel

11th Allan Richard

18th Peg Goulding

25th Bob Kurrle

Acolytes 4th Connor Kuehn

11th Colin Kuehn

18th Levi Schmillen

25th Jeremy Sullivan

Communion Assistants / Ushers

4th Tami & Keith Coons / Dawson White

18th Marla Antolik & Kim Morris / Kathy Sullivan

Immanuel Sunday School begins

September 11th,

Installation for the Staff will also be the 11th.

gather For Faith and Action.

"…..where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them."

Matthew 18:20

Gather is the Lutheran Women’s magazine that the WELCA ladies use for their bible study.

So please gather with us and explorer great articles and columns that inform, challenge,

comfort and encourage us.

These gatherings offer a great many things not only for us, but our whole church family.

We gather the second Monday of Each month.

Hope to see you Sept 12th. 7pm