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B&M Beauty Salon

This is a picture of Elizabeth (Sis) Buckler (later married to Frances (Frank) Swisher). Elizabeth opened the B&M beauty salon along with Blanch Mills 119 West Fifth Street which is the present location of the Associated Bank. The salon was immediately west of a barber shop run by Bill Stokowski and Dale Morrey. Later the business was moved to a house occupied by Elizabeth's sister, Mrs. Dorothy Budrid, at 729 W. 4th Street.

The woman seated to the left is Bridget Elizabeth Kelly Buckler. The child on her lap is Denise Budrid, a niece to Sis Buckler. The picture is provided by Denise's daughter Sarah Gullery. Sarah tells us that Bridget Kelly Buckler was a sister to Anna Kelly of the Kelly and Cawley family mentioned in the book: Capone's Cornfields. Sarah adds that if you haven't read it, it's a must for anyone living in the area!