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Study Done on Renovation Cost on Presbyterian Church Building

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - Posted 10:24:15 PM by Dr. Kari Rockwell

Below is a study done by IMEG Corp. of Rock Island, IL to assess the renovation cost for the former Presbyterian Church building.

Cursory Site Assessment for Fieldcrest High School Annex Minonk, IL
IMEG #19002361.00
September 13, 2019

A. Summary

On September 5, 2019, IMEG conducted a cursory assessment of the old church "Annex" adjacent to the Fieldcrest High School in Minonk, Illinois. During our visit, we visually reviewed the exterior and interior to assess the condition. It is our understanding that the building has stood vacant for several years, not conditioned against the elements, and received little to no maintenance. Based on our review, the building showcases several issues with water infiltration, settlement, and general decay that would require immediate attention if the building were to be reoccupied.

The cost of repairs for a building this age, partially abandoned, and in its condition are hard to quantify given unforeseen conditions, and without a more detailed plan of the intended repurpose. However, we can say that costs for the repairs, abatement and refinishing will likely be orders of magnitude higher than demolition of the structure.

B. Observations

The exterior and interior of the structure show various signs of settlement and wind damage. There are cracks in the exterior multi-wythe brick walls, bowed walls/chimney, and vertical offsets at certain locations.

Water infiltration was evident by the high levels of mold throughout the interior first floor and lower level, along with wood rot and signs of past water ponding in the basement. The existing lintels (above openings) appeared in decent condition exterior walls of the building, but the windows showed signs of water infiltration that will negatively affect the long-term performance of the wall and window systems.

With the high levels of mold throughout the building there is a strong likelihood that the superstructure (wood and steel framing) has rot and corrosion that has compromised capacity of the system. There were limited areas to observe the condition of the wood structure without damage or mold disruption; however, there was an area on the lower level that had the wood joists exposed. The exposed joists showcased rot and checking (cracks) which a is strong indication of the condition of the other framing.

The ceiling structure has a serve deflection around the recessed light monitor, which is likely a result of the building age, deterioration and water infiltration.


Susan Skaggs: Had it not sat for several years and not maintained it might have been salvageable. Shame on past school board members who stood by and let this happen as well as the superintendent! Dr. Oakley will be leaving at the end of the year and doesn't live in the district so he will not have to pay for the damage he helped create! I hope our new superintendent (who lives in Minonk) will be more conservative with the tax payers dollars! What a waste of a historical building that was met by pure negligence!
Dan McGuire: Great work fieldcrest, way to take control of, and ruin a perfectly good building! The building should be repaired, with the money coming from the morons who chose to use the building as storage, but ignore the building in every other way.
Joe Limbaugh: Egregious dereliction of duty and responsibility. Scandalous!
Susan Skaggs: Joe Limbaugh agree 100%! With a new superintendent and new school board I pray they improve the way the tax payers dollars are spent and use pure common sense! Scandalous is a mild word for what they have done to that building! Yes let's use it for storage and let it rot!
Christine Cunningham: There has been too many years of the administration taking everything they are being told as being fact without further checking into if it is actually true. I know when the public was allowed to tour the schools, the superintendent pointed out "problems" to buildings that had already been fixed. I sure hope the new board starts questioning things And not just believing everything that is being told to them from higher ups. It is blatantly obvious that there are hidden agendas with some of the administrators and board members from their comments stated in the minutes and inaccuracies of fact checking on issues.
Susan Skaggs: I stand corrected on my statement about Dr. Oakley not living in Minonk. He does at this time. My apologies!
Christine Cunningham: I would like to know how they came up with the figure for what it would cost to renovate...and then they think they can build a brand new school for $25 million. I am not sure why they bought it in the first place, when you don't keep heat in a building and neglect it for years, what do you think will happen?