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Fieldcrest Test Scores Announced

Friday, June 28, 2019 - Posted 10:34:26 AM

The various tests used to reflect student progress were announced at the Fieldcrest Board of Education meeting Wednesday night. Below is a summary of the scores. However, to get a more complete description and explanation of the scores and the progress made, click on the following link to the Fieldcrest web site.

Grade level Reading Math Comments
Kindergarten Not met Met
1st grade Met Met
2nd grade Met Met
3rd thru 5th 48% met 59% met Saw growth from fall to spring
6th grade Not met Not met
7th grade Not met Met
8th grade Not met Met

Fieldcrest High School Test Results

The 2019 School Year was the third year of the SAT established mandated testing. Once again, ALL juniors were given the PSAT/NMSQ (Pre-SAT) exam in October in order to provide an added preparation opportunity before the April mandated test. The state of Illinois also mandated the PSAT for all 9th and 10th grade students, making that assessment part of the accountability score for high schools. The data from the SAT and PSAT continues to be the main sources of academic growth and success (the other from MAP testing), that the building SIP team reviews to support curriculum and instruction efforts at FHS.

Data from April testing SAT results include:

1. Total Score: 994 (995 state avg), ERW 498 (498 state/489 all), Math 495 (497 state/478 all)
  • a. 23 (33%) students were at or above in all areas. (43% last year)
  • b. 74% of students showed overall growth from their PSAT score from the fall.
  • c. 41(59%) students met the ERW benchmark 480 (63% last year)
  • d. 27 (39%) students met the Math benchmark of 530 (48% last year)
Data from April testing PSAT results:

1. PSAT 10
  • a. Total Score: 926 State: 924
  • b. ERW: 461 (avg. growth 19.6 pts) State: 466 (ERW Benchmark: 430)
  • c. Math: 465 (avg. growth 23.6 pts) State: 458 (Math Benchmark: 480)
2. PSAT 9
  • a. Total Score: 842 State: 894
  • b. ERW: 431 (avg. growth 28.8 pts) State: 451 (ERW Benchmark: 410)
  • c. Math: 411 (avg. growth 47.5 pts) State: 443 (Math Benchmark: 450)

Graduates Post-secondary Plans

Plan 2016 2017 2018 2019
4 year school 19% 24% 19% 30%
2 year school 51% 37% 42% 30%
Military 7% 5% 3% 5%
Work force 22% 33% 31% 24
Trade school 7%