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Fieldcrest Board Meeting Summary

Thursday, May 28, 2020 - Posted 8:55:18 AM

Above is a screenshot of Fieldcrest Superintendent Dr. Kari Rockwell and Board President Mykin Bernardi during a Zoom online meeting of the Fieldcrest Board of Education Wednesday night.

The Fieldcrest Board of Education took care of routine business at their monthly board meeting Wednesday night conducted through an online Zoom conference. Board member Jordan Meyer was not present.

In personnel matters the board approved certified employment of Kristina Dodson, MS Math; Suzanne Adams, School Improvement Coordinator and Cody Miles, MS/HS Health and PE. Non-certified employment of Milissa Haugens, Primary School 1:1 TA. Extra Duty assignment for Kathy Jackson, Summer Maintenance; Amy Rossman, Summer Cook; Susie Schwartz, Assistant Summer Cook; Cindi Koudelka, MS Cheer Coach; Cindi Koudelka, HS Yearbook and Jennifer Bartman, HS Internal Coach.

The board approved the appointment of coordinators for FY21 which can be viewed at this link.

Dr. Rockwell reported a list of equipment that will be disposed of due to the need of costly repairs. The items are:

3 Pianos (Middle School)
1 Metal desk (Middle School)
1 Organ (Middle School)
3 Wood Cabinets (Middle School)
6 Couches (Middle School)
1 Refrigerator (Primary School)
1 Microwave (Primary School)
1 Piano (Intermediate School)

Dr. Rockwell said an amended budget hearing is set for Wednesday, June 24, 2020, at 6:30 pm in the Fieldcrest High School Band Room in Minonk, Illinois.

Board President Mykin Bernardi said the site of the former Presbyterian Church building will be used as a parking lot for the high school and said work needs to be done on the play ground on the north side of the Fieldcrest Primary School in Minonk to fix a safety issue.

Dr. Rockwell said the Curriculum and Instruction Report will be held off until June until more information is received from the State. She also displayed a new type of window that will be installed at the gym at the middle school in Wenona. The window is translucent and is energy efficient and less costly than a normal window.

In comments on the COVID-19 crisis, Dr. Rockwell said "We have one heck of a staff". She said teachers have gone out of their way to help students in need, including taking calls in the middle of the night, coming into work at the schools even though it was not required and keeping the parents and the students motivated during the shutdown.

Dr. Rockwell said meals for the summer will be provided and are funded by a grant as well as federal funds.

Dr. Rockwell said she does not know what the fall will bring for instruction as she is still awaiting guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education. She also announced that graduation exercises are set for July 10th at the Fieldcrest football field at Veterans Park in Minonk with final details being announced pending state guidance.