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Nicor Gas to Install Automated Meters

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - Posted 10:15:10 AM

At Nicor Gas, we are making investments in modernizing and improving our natural gas infrastructure to ensure every customer's energy needs are met safely and reliably. Finding new ways to significantly increase the safety of our operations while improving efficiencies for our customers has led Nicor Gas to begin deployment of the Meter Modernization project.

As part of Meter Modernization deployment, Nicor Gas will be installing small, two-way communication devices on existing natural gas meters throughout your community. These two-way communication devices feature state-of-the-art technology that will automate the meter reading process by collecting natural gas usage information and securely sending it to Nicor Gas.

Meter Modernization will enable us to ensure timely and accurate billing for our customers, as the devices will automatically send meter readings to Nicor Gas. Bills will be based on actual usage each month, helping to eliminate estimated bills. Meter Modernization will also allow customers to gain greater insight into energy usage. In the future, this automation will allow customers to access more granular data about their energy usage to help them manage their costs.

Within the coming months, Nicor Gas, along with our qualified contractor 3P Utility Services - Tribus Services, will begin deployment of the Meter Modernization project in your community. 3P Utility Services - Tribus Services will have appropriate identification. The device installation will take 10-15 minutes for most residential or regular sized meters, and may take up to 30 minutes on large commercial or rotary meters. If we can safely access a customer's natural gas meter, they do not need to be present for the installation. If a customer has an indoor meter, they will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

For more information on the automated meters, click here.

For more information on the installation, click here.