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Minonk Area Inundated With Rain

Wednesday, May 01, 2019 - Posted 11:49:44 AM

The wet spring in the Minonk area continues as almost 4 inches of rain fell during the last 2 days to create flooding conditions in an already water soaked soil.  Farmers have been unable to get into the fields this spring due to the wet conditions that have existed since last fall.  Normally, corn planting starts in the middle of April but this year it is likely that it will be the middle of May before corn can be planted.

Years ago corn planting started in the middle of May but research has shown that earlier planting results in better crop yields.  So late planting this year may result in higher grain prices due to a lower yield which could offset the decline in prices due to the tariff war with China.  More rain is forecast for this week so it is unknown as to when planting can start this year.

Below are pictures of flooded fields southwest of Minonk.

Crow creek southwest of Minonk is nearing an overflow condition.

Water comes bubbling out of a field tile into Crow Creek.