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Fieldcrest Board Hires Construction Manager for Building Project

Thursday, April 30, 2020 - Posted 9:59:12 AM

The Fieldcrest Board of Education voted to hire Midwest Construction Professionals of Morton, IL as the construction manager for the school's building program. The decision was not unanimous as board members Charles Lohr and Joseph Stasell voted no on the motion.

The meeting was conducted remotely through Zoom. There was some technical difficulties as board member Elizabeth Palm had to finish the meeting over her phone as her internet dropped while Charles Lohr dropped from the meeting after the vote on the construction manager.

Both Midwest Construction Professionals and Cordogan Clark, the school's engineering firm on the previous building project, made a presentation at a board building plan meeting April 15. Cordogan Clark's presentation emphasized their expertise and experience with the school in the previous project while Midwest Constructions' presentation showed an actual working proposal on the project which seemed to influence the board's decision.

In other business, in personnel matters the board approved the certified employment of Isaiah Tubbs, HS Social Studies and Susan Beckman, LCPC; extra duty assignment of Michael Freeman, Head Football Coach, Suzanne Adams, Freshman Volleyball Coach, and Travis Nix, 7th Grade Basketball Coach; and resignations of Misty Wilson, HS Cheer Coach (Basketball), Michael Freeman, Yearbook Sponsor and Assistant Girls' Basketball Coach, and Heather Hamer, MS Cheer Coach.

The board approved the appointment of Greg Frei as the new Transportation Director and Sean Poston as the Principal at the Middle School in Wenona.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis the board approved the delegation of authority to the Fieldcrest Superintendent to make decisions under certain conditions as explained in the following wording: "The Board hereby delegates authority to its Superintendent or designee to approve and execute all contracts and expenditures, to approve and make all payments, and to take all other related actions when the Superintendent or designee finds (1) that any such action is reasonable and necessary to avoid a negative impact on the District's students, employees, operations, or finances; and (2) that such action must be taken prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board to avoid such negative impact."

The board approved a $845 membership fee to the IESA which governs sports activities and the scholastic bowl and also approved the extra duty assignments.

Fieldcrest Superintendent Dr. Kari Rockwell announced that the school has received a $50,00 grant from the State toward the $185,000 project to replace windows at the Middle School in Wenona.

The board approved the purchase of 3 therapy puppies at $1200 each for the school's therapy dog program. Puppies will be grant funded through the Toluca Rotary ($4,600.00). The Vet Bills/Pet Insurance bills are estimated at $108.00/month to $264.00/month. Wenona Vetenarian Dr. Ehrhardt said he will waive the deductibles. The beginning supplies will be $375.00 and food annual cost will be $1200. The participants in the pet therapy program will be Primary-Linda Seggerman, Intermediate-Heather Hamer and Middle-CJ Hamilton.

Dr. Rockwell said the school has undergone 6 weeks of remote learning and the process has been working out well. She said it was neat to see how well the partnership between the parents and the school worked out. She said she was proud of how the community has responded to the crisis.

Dr. Rockwell said tentative plans are to have the high school graduation in July at the football field which will allow time to ease up on the social distancing.

Dr. Rockwell said the school has received a $250,000 Mental Health Grant which must be spent within one year and also received a No Kids Hungry grant for $10,000 which will provide 2 daily meals throughout the summer for eligible participants.