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Richard Nixon was in Minonk in 1948

Monday, January 20, 2020 - Posted 12:22:00 PM

Bill Flick in his column "Flick Facts" in the Pantagraph last week revealed that former President Richard Nixon gave a speech in Minonk in 1948.  His column did not reveal much other than Mr. Nixon was in Minonk.  

Mr. Nixon in 1948 was a Congressman from California and was on speaking tour.  He along with other politicians gave a speech on bank corner in Minonk.  So Minonk can claim that a future president was in town.

The MinonkTalk website has the article on Nixon's appearance on October 28, 1948 and publishes it in the Old News section of the website every October 28th. 

To view the article on Mr. Nixon's appearance in Minonk, click here.