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City Council Approves Changes to Ordinances to Reflect Cannabis Legalization

Monday, January 20, 2020 - Posted 9:40:07 PM
In an abbreviated session Monday night, the Minonk City Council approved city ordinances that were amended to include the new state ruling that made cannabis legal in the State of Illinois.

In council member comments, alderman Jonathan Stears said the Parks & Rec Board needs 3 volunteers. Anyone interested should contact City Hall for am application form. He also thanked Nick Hakes for his contribution to the Parks & Rec Board.

In public comments it was asked if the city was going to help the fire department in funding the demolition of the former Young's Garage building at the corner of 6th and Chestnut. Mayor Bill Koos said that funding will be taken up during the budget process later this spring.

In project updates City Administrator Bill Moline said there has been flooding from the pond at the end of the Nature Trail north of Minonk due to heavy rains which caused overflowing into the neighboring fields. It was probably due to a small tile so a larger tile was put in next to it to prevent future flooding.  He said well 3 repairs are completed but a new meter will have to be put in and he will be scheduling a preliminary 20-21 budget meeting in February to start discussions on needs/requirements for the new budget.