A look at
Minonk's past

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Minonk 2nd grade class of 1954

Top row l to r: Arnold Johnson, Suzanne Kettwich, Bill Hinkle, Terry Turner, Margery Abels, Sandra Broers, LaVerna Zupansic, ? Fewell, Terry Timmerman, Howard Cremer, Bill McCormick, Joe Vallow.

Mid Row l to r: Carol Gerdes, Linda Herman, Don Gramp, Pat Schmidt, Mike Quiram, Milan "Bud" Folkers, Loren Falk, Leslie Davison, Dick Johnson, Emerson Burrell, Tom Borden, Gerald Block, David Land.

Front row l to r: Donis Block, Gillian Denson, Mary ?, Carol Moyer, David Eatinger, Sharon Ioerger, Ned Leiken, Brian Davis, Benda Fredricks, Roger Yates, Claudia Forney, John Evey, Karen Ford.

Photo courtesy of Donis Klein.