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30 - From Joyce Limbaugh. We received an update on John Earl Cunningham yesterday. It seems that he had a bad week, and wound up in intensive care as his blood pressure had dropped. He is doing a little better this week, and was returned to general recovering. Prayers are still needed for John. 16 - John Earl Cunningham remains in the hospital in Streator, recovering from heart problems. He is doing well, and hopes to be home for Christmas.


4 - Dave Uphoff visited Gail Cullen who is convalescing in a nursing home in Niles, IL. He has been ill since December and would enjoy hearing from old friends. His address is 812 Clohesey, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.

1 - Harold Gebhards and daughter, Ruth Ann Meierhofer, spent Monday October 1st visiting old friends and family in Oakford and Bath, Illinois. It was Harold's 80th birthday.


16 - Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rivard of St. Petersburg, Fl are in Minonk visiting friends and relatives. They are staying at the home of her sister Mrs. Jean Hock. 7 - Ollie Schneider has returned from the rehab center to his home in Sun Lakes, AZ where he will continue his therapy for the stroke which he suffered last July.


31 - Madelon Young recently visited Jennifer, Steve and Adam Foote in Springfield, VA. She then went to Amherst, MA to spend time with Matt, Mary and Katie Cornell and help celebrate Katie's first birthday.

22 - Graduates of the Minonk High School class of 1942 got together for a luncheon at the Elks Club in Pontiac. Those in attendance were Jean Hock, Lois Havener, Jean Flohr, Lucille Cunningham, Priscilla Ryan, Marge Kettwich, Marge Weber, Norma Haas, and Lucille Gunther.

8 - Donald Skaggs has been admitted to the Heritage Manor Nursing Home in Minonk.

5 - Ollie Schneider has been transferred from the V.A. Hospital in Phoenix, Az. He will be a patient at the Chula Vista Care Center in Mesa, Az. for extensive rehab having suffered a stroke two weeks ago at his home in Sun Lakes, Az.

5 - Joyce Bennett and her daughter Mickayla of Griggsville spent a few days this past week visiting her mother Jean Hock of Minonk.

2 - "Eric Olson (MDR '85), son of Judy Olson and the late Bruce Olson, and Vicki (Lindsay) Olson (MDR '87), daughter of Karen and Preston Lindsay, recently moved from Tuscola, IL to Indianapolis, IN. Eric has accepted a position as an analytical chemist with Eli Lilly and will be working in the material science and physical characterization group. Eric is also nearly finished with his M.S. degree in computational chemistry at Illinois State University. His anticipated graduation date is December of this year."

2 - Garmer "Baldy" Kleen, Jr. underwent knee surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital in Bloomington


29 - Word has been received that Ollie Schneider of Phoenix, AZ is in the VA hospital after suffering a stroke.

23 - Franklin O'Brien has returned home from the hospital.

22 - Dick Dishinger has been hospitalized with pneumonia at St. Joseph's Hospital in Bloomington.

22 - Jim and Marcia Stolt returned home on July 22 after 8 weeks and 11,000 miles. They drove to Billings, Montana, and there joined Jim's sister and her husband in a motor home for the long trek through British Columbia and the Yukon on the Alaska Highway. Along the road animals such as bear, dall sheep, moose, bison, elk, and deer were spotted. They saw sea otters, sea lions, seal, and four whales on the boat trips near Homer and Valdez, and Mt. McKinley was visible in all its glory. They have many pictures to share and only wish they could have hooked a glacier to the back of the vehicle and brought it back home to relieve the oppressive heat.

15 - Sharon Onken and her daughter were overnight visitors of Tom & Nancy Borden in Dover, De. on Friday, July 13.

14 - Jack Cullen and Dave Uphoff visited Gail Cullen Saturday at the Regency Rehabilitation Center in Niles, IL where he is recovering from a broken hip.

14 - Mrs. Harry Green is in St. James Hospital in Pontiac recovering from a broken hip.

11 - Ray Oltman has returned home after a stay in the hospital.

11 - Mr. and Mrs. Don Meils of Florida are visiting friends in Minonk. They are staying at the home of Shirley Lutomski during their visit.

10 - Franklin O'Brien was admitted to the Streator hospital Monday evening for a few kidney problems. Nothing serious at this point and he is expected to be back home in 3 days. (From Wanda Patterson)

8 - Dick Dishinger is in intensive care at St. Joseph's Hospital in Bloomington recovering from open heart surgery.


27 - Irene McBride has been admitted to the Heritage Manor.

23 - A birthday party was held for Ray Borens to celebrate his 93rd birthday on Saturday, June 23. In attendance were Jean Hock, Faye Schmidt, and John and Priscilla Ryan.

23 - Barth Weistart has been staying at the home of Dave Uphoff for a few weeks to do research on the Minonk coalmines and other Minonk history. He is returning to Phoenix on June 24.

23 - Relatives Meet Through Internet:
Ray and Vada McDonald of Meeteetse, Wyoming (formerly of Turner, Oregon) were the guests of Russell and Donna Rae Eilts arriving June 16 and returning June 22. Vada and Donna Rae are very distant cousins; and together, they researched the area gathering information on the Merit/Gordon genealogy.

18 - Ray Oltman is in BroMenn Hospital recovering from surgery and is expected to be released soon.

4 - Ruth Petri has been discharged from Heritage Manor in Minonk and is now recovering at home.


21 - Emerson Janssen is in the hospital undergoing tests.

12 - Linda Ford of Phoenix spent a few days in Minonk this week visiting her father Pete Ruestman at the Heritage Manor Nursing Home and her aunt Mrs. Jean Hock.

5 - Sandy Bentley of rural Minonk has gone to Japan to visit her daughter and new granddaughter.

3 - Elmer Timmerman has been admitted to the hospital for tests.

1 - John Lohr has returned home from the hospital after undergoing heart tests.


30 - Marge Schmillen has been admitted to St. Joseph's hospital for tests.

28 - Harold Gebhards had a pacemaker operation and is recovering at home.

28 - Duane Harms has returned home to recuperate after undergoing heart bypass surgery.

27 - John Lohr has been admitted to St. Joseph's hospital in Bloomington for heart tests.

26 - Harold Gebhards is a patient, undergoing tests at BroMen since Tuesday morning. Room 146

20 - Jack Cullen, formerly of Minonk, had surgery at Methodist Hospital in Peoria and is back home recovering in Washington, IL.

14 - Gail Cullen, formerly of Minonk, is in recovery for a broken hip at a rehabilation center in Niles, IL.

14 - Terry White had surgery at Bromenn Hospital in Bloomington on Friday, April 13. She is expected to return home on Saturday, April 14.

13 - Jim Schmillen had surgery at St. Mary's Hospital in Streator.

13 - Ruth Petri has been admitted to the Asta Care Center in Pontiac for therapy. The address for the center is 300 W. Lowell, Pontiac, IL 61764.

10 - Bob Riely has entered the Beulah Land nursing home in Flanagan.

4 - Jerry Barth has returned home from surgery at Mayor Clinic. He has been admitted to Heritage Manor Nursing Home in Minonk for recuperation and therapy.

1 - Correction: Jerry Barth is still at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN recovering from surgery.


27 - Ruth Petri was transferred Tuesday from St. James Hospital, Pontiac to St. Joseph's Hospital, Bloomington. She is no longer in intensive care.

27 - Jerry Barth has returned home from the Mayo Clinic after undergoing surgery.

12 - Mrs. Joe (Ruth) Petri was taken to St. James Hospital in Pontiac and is in intensive care.

10 - Duane Fort has returned home to recuperate after having outpatient surgery at a Chicago Hospital.

8 - Franklin and Ida O'Brien are being visited by their son Dennis along with his wife and grandchild from Texas.

4 - An open house was held Sunday for Mrs. Darlene Handley to celebrate her 80th birthday. Her daughter from California and her son from Bloomington joined friends and family in the celebration.


20 - Mr. and Mrs. Ray Borens were admitted to Heritage Manor Nursing Home in El Paso.

18 - Mike Palmore was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital in Streator on February 18.

14 - John Ryan is home from the hospital recovering from knee surgery.

14 - Duane Fort was taken to St. Francis Hospital on February 13.

12 - Old buddy reunion: Congratulations on the new website. I think it is very interesting and I am sure many away from the area will appreciate your efforts. I am attaching a photo of a mini-reunion of MDR class of '62. Four of us got together in Phoenix last September for dinner and a visit. L to R, Byron Sabol, Gary Cinnamon, Ken Thorp, Ray Schneider. We met at Byron's home in Paradise Valley. I live in Sacramento, CA, was passing thru on way to family reunion in Colorado. Byron was kind enough to contact the other 2 guys in town for the get together.

I have also attached a photo on the Cinnamon family, who got together for a reunion in Paradox, Colorado, at the ranch of Frank and Mabel Cinnamon Schneider.

L to R: Rear, Jim Cinnamon, Minonk; Gary Cinnamon, Sacramento, CA; Steve Cinnamon, Omaha, NE, Bob Cinnamon, Effingham, IL Front, L to R: Mabel Schneider, Paradox, CO, Joanne Mantikos, Moab, UT, Gladys Alleman, Tonica, IL. Hope this helps add to the character of your website.

Gary Cinnamon als

10 - - Bill Herman Sr. is home from the hospital recovering from knee surgery and is starting therapy.
9 - - Ray Borens has been admitted to BroMenn Hospital in Bloomington.
9 - - Bob Riely had surgery and is recuperating at St. James Hospital in Pontiac.
9 - - Marge Schmillen is in St. Joseph's Hospital in Bloomington for tests. She is expected to be released soon.
7 - - John Ryan returned home from the hospital on Saturday, February 3.
5 - - Bob Riely was admitted to St. James Hospital in Pontiac on Saturday, February 3.
4 - - Wanda Patterson writes to tell us the following: "Art and Sybil Howell were visiting Art's brother in Mississippi. The brother is 88. Then they went to Texas and bought another winter place there. They had decided to stay in Illinois for the winters after a long time of being snowbirds to Texas but this winter must have changed their minds. See you in the spring once we thaw out Sybil and Art. P.S. I love this site."
1 - - Jack Cullen and Dave Uphoff visited Gail Cullen at the Claremont House Rehabilitation Center in Buffalo Grove, IL on January 21. Gail is undergoing therapy after an extended stay in the hospital. His home address is 812 Clohesey, Buffalo Grove, IL 60090 for those wishing to send him a card or letter.


31 - Donald C. Shearer, Minonk resident between 1975-1996, was hospitalized in a Quad Cities hospital for chest pain on Friday, January 26th. After extensive testing, including a heart catheter and angiogram, he was released under new medication for congestive heart failure and hypertension. Due to a family history of diabetes, Don was put on a carohydrate/sugar restricted diet. No more Oreos and ice cream!

Donald owned and operated the Gambles/ACE hardware store on Chestnut Street, was on the Chamber of Commerce, and served a term as Alderman on the City Council. Don's wife, Linda, was City Clerk for two terms. Linda says they really enjoy the Mississippi River area for all the bald eagles flying overhead or diving for fish at the end of the frozen ice flow in the river.

28 - Jean Hock returned home from Phoenix, AZ after a month long stay. She visited with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ford and with Kenny and Lucy Cunningham.
24 - Six former and local Minonkites met at a local restaurant in Phoenix for lunch and a get together Wednesday(Jan.24); Present were Jean (Halagiere)Bastic, Jean Hock, Lucille Cunninghan, Myra Cufaude,Ruth Schneider, and Joan Schneider,,,,Great time..great day
22 - John Ryan is recovering from knee surgery in BroMenn Hospital in Bloomington.