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26 Viola Zupansic
Amanda Griffin Whited
27 Candi Middleton
Jason Podgorny
5/27 Walter Renken
Memorial Day Service
28 Dylan Zimmerman
29 Abby Jo Weber
Derrik Gaspardo
30 Brad and Kim Kapraun
Tom L'Heureux
David & Tina Howell Anniversary
Weightloss Group May 30
31 Larry Tucker
Kay Knack
Don Dunham
Jaylen Gale
1 Ryan and Erin Hill
Jay and Lisa Junker
Jacob and Paige (Crocker) Johnson
Nick Meyer
Shelly Barth birthday
2 Henry L'Heureux
Randy Stine's Birthday
Staci Hovey
Brian Cannon
Nick Petri
3 Jim & Kitty Anderson
Zoey Baker
4 Rob & Tia Teno
Amy Stimpert
Victor Stimpert
Brittany jones
Madsion Newhall
Kick-Off for Summer Reading at Filger June 4
5 Kaylin Rients
Autumn Bridgeforth
Minonk CoOP Preschool Registeration
Hollywood PreK-K Storyhour June 5
Drive-In Movie for Grades 1-2 June 5
6 Comedians and Readers Theater for Grades 3-5 June 6
Readers Theater for Grades 6-8 June 6
7 Mackenzie Meyer
Star WatchingJune 7
8 Alexandra Burton
9 Lila McCulley
Shirley Decker
Linda Bearss
Kurt Persic
10 Lou Ann Vallow Lindquist
Linda Lindley
Dennis E Baker
Loren Smith
Ruth Ann Meierhofer
St. Petri s Vacation Bible School
Mike s Stories, Songs, and a Boingy, Boingy Thing! June 10
11 Bill and Jane McNamara 50th anniversary June 11, 2016
Colleen & Wayne Weber (1983)
Peggy Bullard
Puppet Fun PreK-K Storyhour June 11
St. Petri s Vacation Bible School
Fooling the Big, Bad Wolf Grades 1-2, June 11
12 Kyle Jones
St. Petri s Vacation Bible School
Pawprint Therapy Dogs and Plays June 12
13 David Uphoff
Kailynne Hillenburg
St. Petri s Vacation Bible School
Movie Chat June 13
Mad Lib Scientists Grades 3-5 June 13
Anything But Clothes Night YA June 13
14 Terry Hovey
Miranda Jenkins
Ronald Smith
St. Petri s Vacation Bible School
15 Don & Marie Stimpert's
Heather Peiffer
Tyler Dunning
Summer Cardmaking June 15
Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection
16 Bryden Lohr Birthday
17 Mark and Tracy Harlan
Stephen O'Riley
Matthew Grimsley Birthday
Tim Danbury
katrina rodriguez
Amazing Local Popcorn Program June 17
Peri Jones
Circus Fun Prek-K June 18
A Very Merry Unbirthday Party Grades 1-2 June 18
19 Harrison Hofmann - June 19
Chad Cosby
Book Club June 19
Pet Show June 19
20 Wool Gathering June 20
Lucky Stars Grades 3-5 June 20
Drama Camp Dress Rehearsal June 20
21 Kurt & Melessa Meierhofer's 10th anniversary
Catherine Witte
Kelsey Murrah
Kurt Harris
Danielle Meierhofer
Town-wide Clean Up Day
Interactive Movie June 21
Interactive Movie June 21
22 Samantha Jon Fuller
Zakary D. Kline
Town-wide Clean Up Day
23 Trevor Muntz
Jennifer Brooke
24 Amber & David Cary
OSF Bike Rodeo June 24
Jay Junker
Braxton Koehler
Beau Devine
25 Colleen Morris
Carli Brooke
Linda Cordray
Magic Stories PreK-K June 25
Hollywood Handprints Gr. 1-2 June 25
26 Jim & Bonnie Richards
Tommy Manning
Natalie Fortner
Theresa McClernon
Parade to Heritage Healthcare June 26
Lego Lady Puppets June 26
27 kiel Candi Middleton
Roger & Barbara Petri
Jim "Cumi" Crumrine
Inflatables and Games June 27
YA Prizes and Pizza Party June 27
28 Carol Stimpert
Jani Wilson
Jessica Frederick
Annie Otto
Magic Show and Awards for All June 28
29 July 7 Zoe Lindly Small
Lucy Tucker
Bethany Carey
30 Bob and Elsie Kline
Kurt and Angie Gerdes
Kary Robbins (21)
1 Kevin and Lana Stimpert
David Dunham
Gerald Spencer
David Dunham
Book Bucks Store Still Open July 1 through 6
2 Patrick McGuane
Emerson Tolan
3 Kari and Kyle Jones
Titus Goodale
Gavyn Snopek
JR Dunning birthdayJuly 3
4 Hayden &Haisley Gerdes birthday
5 Jamie Arndt
Stephanie Butler Hudson
Paul Vallow
6 Danny & Julie Schmitt
Kimber Schmitt
Jeanne Lohr Belmar
kasi lutz